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    New to html and css. Needing help with background images.


    by eladcire75 ·

    I am new to html and css scripting. What I desire to do is to tag on image as a background image to cover the full full page, and another image on top (or to overlay the first one) so that I can have a little cleaner look and not worry with having sooooo much script in the html that confuses what I am looking at.

    Here is the complete script as I have it thus far (without paragraph tags and other info that I plan to later add):

    Two Guys Computer, Co.

    The styles sheet is as follows: { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px;

    I know that there is some piece that I am missing here. I have searched for a solution online but there is so much geedunk that I end up more confused rather than knowledgeable. That is to include what I have been reading on the W3C Schools site. I have found that some things just don’t work, especially across browsers.

    I would like to control every aspect of the background image through my stylesheet though this seems to be the only way that I can get the images to display even halfway properly. At the moment the background_blue.jpeg displays perfectly. The other image centers properly but it doesn’t span the page fully from top to bottom. (Please realize that I am extremely new to this subject and that I appreciate enlightened discourse rather than what I have experienced on other forums.)

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      HTML not really showing up.

      by eladcire75 ·

      In reply to New to html and css. Needing help with background images.

      I don’t know what exactly happened but the html script didn’t really show up. What I have actually done is just to edit the background photo to overlay the photos. I think that it looks fairly sexy. Anyway I am working on a conditional statement that will force IE9 to read my style sheet (external style sheet). I haven’t like IE for a very long time, but I understand that lots of people still use that browser. Any suggestions to help out with it? This is the conditional statement that I have attempted to use, but have had no luck in getting this to work.

      IE takes me to my wits end trying to debug it. I would actually like to target all of the IE versions with one statement rather than to target each one. I don’t plan on using too super much of the higher end script.

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