New to IT, need help on what to do

By WMSuperSport ·
Hi, I'm 27 in Ft Worth TX, and struggling as my decent job as a painter went down. I have most of my basics from a local community college and I really want to get into working on computers for a career. Not only because I've always been into it since I was very young, but I really want/need a good job. I don't have any job experience or much knowledge with real troubleshooting. I've been looking on Careerbuilder and Monster, it seems alot of jobs want a Bachelor's in Computer Science. I really have no idea which path to take, especially since I don't have money, and my family are poor, unmotivated people. Am I screwed from the very beginning, or is there hope to make a career out of nothing? I have done some research at my community college, and I think I will start with Intro to Hardware and Software, and get my A+ soon, but there's alot of people saying its worthless. Any help would be great, but please don't use all the acronyms as I have no idea what they are. Thanks in advance,

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Well first things first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

Remove your E-Mail address from your post, you can edit it out. If you don't you in box is going to get filled with spam because TR is a Public Site so ti's open to the Bots that Harvest E-Mail Addresses.

Am I screwed from the very beginning, or is there hope to make a career out of nothing?

Not really unless you expect to be employed by a big company like IBM as the Senior Systems Annalist.

If you look at the smaller business who need IT Support you shouldn't have many problems.


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"Screwed from the very beginning?" Toss that thought..

by cmatthews In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

..away when anyone fires it at you. You posted here because you want something. How bad you want it, depends on you. A+ is fast and gives you some comfort with electronics, so it's likely not a waist of time.

It seems like your inclined to hardware, so go find some used goods stores and make some contacts with friends and get them to give you old stuff for free and create a small shop area. Tell them you'll pick up older PC's, Routers, small printers, scanners, hubs, switches, etc.. (forget the big stuff like CRT monitors and buy a 4way KVM switch with cables). KVM is a Keyboard/Video/Mouse switch such the one here:

As for reading, get some ear plugs if you live where study is hard. You could start here at and check the section on "Daily Tech Treats" and "Best Tech Websites" at the left. You tube has lots of tech videos you can subscribe to, so get a gmail account so subscribing is easy. Like I said, you have to want something bad enough.

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IT is like most other jobs

by Charvell In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

...your success level will depend on your level of committment and how hard you work.

speaking as an A+ certified professional, it is not a waste of time. Its a great way to get your basics for both Hardware and Software. When looking for a job (post acquiring your certification) look for Technician/Help Desk positions as they are the entry level. Apply even if they have an experience requirement (every job posting is going to say 3-5 years of experience). From there just keep learning and you'll be fine.

Some other certifications to look into are MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Enigneer), Network+, and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator) depending on which direction you want to take your IT career.

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call centre

by dev_santana In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

get a job in a call centre than slowly climb your way up...i did d same way..but i do have some professional papers which i completed along the way with a dimploma
of course it comes with loads of determination...
Good luck

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Thanks for the replies

by WMSuperSport In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

and thanks for the positive words. I am dedicated, but I have a long way to go. I appreciate it, alot,

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for the replies
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You left your email address in your original post.

by Ron K. In reply to Thanks for the replies

OH Smeg gave you good advice when he said that you should remove it. Go to your original post, click Edit and delete your email address unless you like spam.

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If you can get into a decent call center/helpdesk

by mafergus In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

Gettign your foot in the door is the main goal to start. Many companies will provide or reimburse you fro training once you are in. Some contract houses even require it. Once you do get in, keep your nose to the ground and find out who the real performers are and learn from them. We had a woman go from answering calls on the helpdesk to becoming the lead Windows server engineer. It takes time and efort, but it is definitely achievable. By asking you have already taken the first step! good luck!

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in the same boat except

by tywife25 In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

hello, don't feel bad.... i'm in the same boat as you are..well sort of.. i have my associate's in Network security i'm currently working on my bachelor's except i don't have any real world experience.... i did just pass my A+ which it wasn't hard at all.. so you should definitely start there first as well as building your knowledge on basic hardware and software skills

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by WMSuperSport In reply to New to IT, need help on w ...

Well I talked to my local community college today and I'm going to take Intro to PC O.S. this summer, and go from there. I'll also be looking for a call center/help desk job to get my foot in the door somewhere. Thanks for the responses guys,

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