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New to programing

By vitorferreira75 ·
I want to know how can I start and what program to use to build an .exe file,I?m very new into programing but want to start get into it.

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depend on what you'd like to do

by agnessurijah In reply to New to programing

to build the .exe, we use the compiler.
It is there in the program that you use, such as Delphi or Foxpro....

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by onbliss In reply to New to programing

If you are totally new to computers, then read some books on Operating Systems and Programming in general.
You can write programs for embedded devices , mobile devices, business applications, web applications, hardware/firmware. There are lots of areas that I don't mention. So once you know your area of interest, then find out the suitable language and read books and practice.

In almost all cases, learning 'C' language (the basics) is good thing. Then you can learn languages that you need to learn.

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by toms45 In reply to Read

duplicate post

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Programming is...

by toms45 In reply to Read

a very logical pursuit. onbliss suggest C as a first language. As an experienced college level instructor, I'd recommend a couse in program design - how to solve a problem - that doesn't focus on a particular language, but on the process of analysing, designing, and writing it in pseudocode. That's not real code, just kinda looks like it. Then, learn a language. Good luck...

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I did suggest

by onbliss In reply to Programming is... read about OS and Programming before picking up 'C'.

PS: I picked several programming concepts when I was learning COBOL.

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Yes and No

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Programming is...

The guy is going to want to see his HelloWorld.exe program working.

C or pascal would be good starting choices, firmly typed and procedural being a better start than OO especially loosely or dynamically typed.
If he was going to learn at college, I'd agree with you wholeheartedly, in fact I wish more educational establishments realised that language is not programming.

Best bet for self teaching would be books / tutorials in learn programming with ???, two different languages. The differences will be very instructive.

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