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New to programming need some advice !

By kevy80 ·
Hi i'm new 2 programming and have been looking at some vid's from microsoft site on using visual studio i'm a pc tech newly qualified but got very good grades all through it kept 1 step ahead, but basically i wondered what is the best most versatile type 2 learn and any tips on what sites or tools that will help just some advice on how i can start off in the field as a hobby to start with ? thanx in advance

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I'd say first, Decide on what to make.

by Slayer_ In reply to New to programming need s ...

Of course the usual Hello World.

What I would do is

Hello World

Some sort of question/answer program

Some sort of text editor with basic commands like <strong>copy, paste, find, replace, save, load.</strong> Maybe even <strong>print.</strong>

And then move on from there.

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Pick something real to do

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to New to programming need s ...

Start simple and iterate.

Whether it's job realted, a hobby, or just something you find interesting.

Robots, graphics, a catalog, word processing, a board game. Your own chat software, personal web site....

I've always believed programming is something you learn by doing, so picj something and have a go. There;s loads of resources out there and you can usually get good help far a good specific question on here.

One of the first real things I did, was an arithmetic trainer for my children. Laying out additions, subtraction, multiplication as though they were doing it on paper. Kept score, remebered their settings, through a signon. Started with a menu and two random numbers and inoput box for the answer. Built it up. A few opf my colleagues borrowed it for their kids, eventually. I learned a lot and hopefully some of them did.

The trick is to pick something you find interesting, that you can start simple and then improve and decorate with more functionality.

Your best chance of breaking into to the field, is to write things that would help you on the job. System monitors, scripts to do a set of tasks, a little expert system.
Then you describe your job as support and development...

In between fixing printers and reseting passwords, I was writing small MIS applications and such.
That was 87, by 92 I was a full time lead developer, never looked back.

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Thanx Guy's

by kevy80 In reply to Pick something real to do

Hi and thanx allot i'm new so allot of my friends not really into computers and software going on facebook is about the height of their interest so thanks allot it's really helpful i kinda thought i'd try it myself but just wondered if i was missing anything but i'm happy with that answer.

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