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By Tidalwake ·
I need some info from IT professionals. I am currently enrolled at university for Computer Science and nearly done with an associates degree. I have gotten my A+ and Net+ certs. I am just a few classes away from graduating and I have a problem. I in no way feel like I am ready to do this as a job... I feel like I know computers, and how to build and repair them, but the actual thought of people relying on me to solve their problems worries me.

I see problems that the "IT" guys solve and I don't feel I have enough hands on experience to be in that position, even though they had less formal schooling than I did when they began their career. I am very unclear as to how much direction will be given when starting a job, or if I will be on my own.

My question, then, is: Did anyone else feel this way starting out? Am I worrying too much, or if I don't feel more confident by this point should I look for another career path?

Thanks in advance

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Well as a Uni Teacher told me many years ago

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New to the!

That piece of paper you get here only gives you the right to go out into the Big Bad World and start learning your trade.

40 odd years latter I can not believe just how right he was and I still find that the fitters who deal with the hardware all their lives know much more than I do about particular pieces of equipment.


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