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    New to using Netware


    by stngfan1 ·

    I have an old 486 pc at home, I’ve setup as a NW4.11 server. I’m using it to learn NW. I would like to know if there is a cheat sheet type of paper on what can be done at the console. I have a 900 pg book on NW, I’m just looking for quick reference.

    I added a second HDD after I loaded the server on the first. I made it a seperate volume, should I make it part of the first volume ? What are advantages or disadvantages ?

    I have a cdrom drive installed but with DOS drivers, when I go toaccess in NW it brings up a box saying the server may hang if it uses the DOS drivers. When I say yes to go ahead and access it, it works without a problem. Should I mount the CD-drive in NW, does it make a difference ?

    If you can make any websites recommandation that a good for utilites, learning about NW I would be gratefull.


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      New to using Netware

      by jmadden ·

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      Question #1:
      Typing help at the console will give a list of commands you can use. In addition to commands, you load NLM’s (or programs) to perform various functions. What I used to do was look in the directory (from your workstation) SYS:SYSTEM andlook for files named *.nlm. Fine one that looks interesting and go to the server console and type ‘load ????.nlm’. Some of these files are not utilities and are ment to be loaded as support files, but a large majority of them will could help you out.

      Question #2
      The general rule of thumb with volumes on NW is have your SYS volume for system related software (drivers, patches, server config). One should create additional volumes (At least one) to store files, databases, etc. Reasons: Security is one. Its not good to have users messing with the SYS volume. Another good reason is that the NDS database is stored in a hidden directory on the SYS volume and if for some reason a user filled the volume up, the server would crash do to the inability to make changes

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        New to using Netware

        by stngfan1 ·

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        Thanks for you’re response. What was’nt cut off was valuable.

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      New to using Netware

      by duster52 ·

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      I’ve used a book called “IntranetWare Administrator’s Handbook” by Kell J. P. Lindberg published by Novell Press & IDG books. Very consice and easy to find information in it. It also has a lot of step-by-step instructions.

      Generally you do not want a volume to span across multiple harddrives. This defeats fault tolerance – if one drive fails then you have lost the whole volume….

      I ususally do not keep CDs mounted. I only mount them when I have a need for a particular CD. Mounting aCD will suck memory and resources from the rest of the operating system.

      As for websites, use Novell’s site. The knowledgebase is very extensive. Here are some others:,

      Good luck

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      New to using Netware

      by ahttech ·

      In reply to New to using Netware

      Also try, it has forums as well as lots of utilities in many categories.

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