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By cookinghardstyle ·
hey i am about to get Windows Vista, and i was wondering is there anything special i need to know , its going to be on a Dell inspino 1501 with 1.5Gigs RAM, 256 MB video card, 1.8 intel sempon processor. should i have any problems with vista granted that its a home basic premium and it is pre-installed on laptop. but i added 1 gig of RAM to get that 1.5. also i heard a rumor about the sd drive with adding a sd card would make it run faster is that true.

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IMHO wait and read some of the following posts first...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to new to Windows Vista

Firstly, if I were you I'd edit your post title to something like "Should I buy Vista?" - so that you invite the right sort of responses.

Not wishing to 'rain on your parade' I think you may find the general consensus of opinion would advise you to NOT BUY VISTA as an os.

Granted, it is the new operating system but the time is still not right for choosing it over XP as there are all sorts of problems with compatibility.

From your specs of the Dell Inspiron I would suggest you will have insufficient memory for trouble free running. I'm surprised Dell accepted the 1.5Gb configuration order. You would be better equipped with 2Gb as a configuration.

The 1.8Mhz Sempron is probably the 3000+ model. I use this processor in my notebook, but to run XP. It is a rather old chip by today's standards and am surprised Dell are marketing equipment using this marque of processor in a pre-installed Vista machine.

Hopefully you haven't ordered your kit yet and can make a more informed opinion once you read the other replies.

<Edited for clarity>

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Biggest issue is Standard User

by billbohlen@hallmarkchannl In reply to new to Windows Vista

I've found that a big issue is using a Standard User account instead of an Administrator.
I setup a Standard User account for my regular login to Vista, so that I could take advantage of the new parental controls. I set up a separate Administrator account to install software, etc.
I've found that a lot of programs don't work too well running under the Standard User account, including iTunes.

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by rk01701 In reply to new to Windows Vista

Take some advice from soneone who mis experiencing the pain!!!! Avoid VISTA at all costs. Sp[end a few extra bucks and get your machione with XP installed.

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by rk01701 In reply to AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Take some advice from soMeone who has experiencing the pain!!!! Avoid VISTA at all costs. Spend a few extra bucks and get your machine with XP installed.

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Rack up your RAM to at least 2G.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to new to Windows Vista

I'm running Vista (Business) and just sitting idle it uses 1/2 to 3/4G of RAM. I don't run AeroGlass, either. I'd pump up the video card to 512, too.

Navigation is a pita, but it's not that tough to get used to.

The above applies only if you're stuck with getting Vista. If not, upgrade to WinXP.

I'm 3 weeks into my Vista laptop. It's ok so far, but nothing to write home about.

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