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    new trojan


    by tallgadge ·


    Really need some help here. I’m sure my Pc has an as yet unnamed trojan/rootkit due to it’s erratic behaviour.

    my antivirus and antispyware have not found any trace of this, but I have also ran 2 anti rootkits avg and sophos.

    avg found nothing, but sophos keeps finding many items, but when i am running the sophos antirootkit random processes start up in task manager, with random filenames like fbxqrt.exe – almost liek something is trying to stop the antirootkit from working. I have formatted the hard drive several times to try to cure this, even using iolo’s drive scrubber.

    Yesterday i installed a new hard drive, and lo and behld the same problem has occured. All that has been used onm the new hard drive is the driver cds for my PC, nothing downloaded, no suspect websites have been visited.

    Is it possible that this bug, for want of a better word, could be hidden in the BIOS software? if so, can anyone advise me how i can virus check it, or delete it?

    Or can anyone offer any advice on how i can get this bug removed?

    Technical details:
    Windows XP home, fully updated with all updates
    Firewall is Zonealarm
    Antivirus is AVG free edition
    Antispyware is Pestpatrol version 4, also adaware and spybot.

    Also tried using Norton, and Zonealarm antivirus, but again they found nothing, ansd it was very difficult to get them installed, which is why i believe this new trojan tries to stop new antivirus being installed.

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      by tallgadge ·

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      Since you’ve spent so much time already

      by gary56789 ·

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      reset the BIOS back to factory defaults (see motherboard manual for instructions–either pull jumper pin(s) or uninstall CMOS battery for the recommended time interval), remove and replace the partitions on the hard drive with dban found here and reinstall the OS from disc.

      Let us know what happens.

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        tried taht

        by tallgadge ·

        In reply to Since you’ve spent so much time already

        okay, i tried that, and first thing i did yesterday after installing XP again was to download Sophos AntiRootkit again, and ran it. Right there in Task Manager was a process with a random filename tfgisc.exe.

        Makes me wonder, could this be a legitiamte part of the antirootkit software? Because right now frankly, i’m at a loss as what to do next.

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