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    New Used Computer, No signal


    by timj ·

    So I have always used Laptops, and I bought a used Acer
    Computer. AMD 64 x2 4400. 1 gb Ram, 320 GB drive, ATI
    Video Card. It came with no OS, no power cable, nothing
    but the
    computer. I went out and bought a power cable, and a
    VGA cable.

    I have an Element LCD TV 32″ that has a VGA in. I
    attached the VGA
    cable, turned out the power, and I got no signal. I also
    could not get
    anything to happen with the computer. I get power lights,
    and the fan
    movement. I can also get the computer to open up the
    DVD drive to
    insert the install disc, but it won’t do anything when the
    disk is in.
    When I hit the power button I get nothing that I can see. I
    figure that it would turn off, but it does not. I don’t know
    what I need
    to do to get this thing up and running. Should I just take
    it in and
    have someone else set the thing up, or is there something
    that I can
    do with out blowing all my money.


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      by timj ·

      In reply to New Used Computer, No signal


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      No operating system?

      by nepenthe0 ·

      In reply to New Used Computer, No signal

      I think you can stop right there. Without an intact OS, your computer won’t boot past the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), programmable instructions located on a motherboard chip known as CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor).

      You should be able to obtain the OS installation CD from Acer if you supply the model and serial number. Generally these run ~$20. Assuming all the intrinsic hardware is still functional, you should be able to install the original OS from the OEM CD.

      Alternatively, if you wish to run a Linux OS, this can be purchased at nominal cost, but Linux is not for novices (the command-line interface can be intimidating for those who didn’t grow up with DOS).

      Please post back if I didn’t understand you correctly.

      Rick/Portland, OR

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      Hardware Problem

      by thechas ·

      In reply to New Used Computer, No signal

      You have a hardware problem.
      Now, the question is do you want to work on it or have someone else work on it?

      Depending on where and how you bought this, you might want to take it back and have the seller fix the hardware problem.

      It could be as simple as a loose connection.

      One question, are there any beeps from the tower when you turn it on?
      For a normal startup, there should be a single beep when the POST is complete.
      For many problems a sequence of beeps are a code for what is wrong with the system.

      If you want to give it a try yourself, the first thing you need is the manual for the computer or motherboard. You need this to know where everything should be plugged in.

      The second thing you should have is an ESD wrist strap. Wearing an ESD wrist strap is a good way to prevent any further damage to the system.

      Unplug the PC and make sure that all of the cables are seated in the correct places.
      Make sure the video card, RAM and CPU are seated in their respective sockets.

      You need to remove the heatsink to check that the CPU is seated. This can be a bit tricky depending on the specific heatsink used.

      Also make sure that the CMOS battery is seated.

      If all are seated and connected and the system still does not power up, the next step is to perform a CMOS reset.
      The easy way is to set the CMOS reset jumper or switch.
      The hard way is to remove the CMOS battery and let the unit set with the power cord unplugged for about 1/2 hour.

      Post back with more details or questions.


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        by ozi eagle ·

        In reply to Hardware Problem


        I think TheChas is pretty right.

        One thing though, if you remove the heat sink from the CPU make sure that you clean both the CPU and the heatsink of old thermal compound and apply fresh compound when you reassemble it.

        Also whilst you have the computer open clean out all the dust, preferrably with compressed air, holding the fans so that they can’t spin and generate electricity, which can dammage your system. Check all fans for free rotation and replace any that are stiff.


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      OK in addition to the above suggestions you can look at these as well

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to New Used Computer, No signal

      Do you have more than the 1 VGA Socket on the back plate? If so try plugging into the other VGA Socket and see if that makes any difference. Sometimes there is Onboard Video and a Video Card and if you plug into the On Board Video you get no display or if the system is not correctly configured you need to plug into the On Bord Video to initially Setup the system not the Video Card. So try both if you have more than one on the back. Also if the Video Card has 2 outputs to the monitor you may have the Lead plugged into the secondary Display socket so try the other one as well.

      As you are using a TV not a monitor here have you read your TV User Manual? Does it need to be set differently to give a VGA Display? While the VGA lead is new it may be faulty so can you check it to see if it actually works or have it tested somewhere? Can you plug a NB into this TV with the same lead to see if that works? If it does the TV & Video Lead are OK so you can return to the Desktop to fault find. If it doesn’t work you need to find out why and fix the thing to get the Desktop to display on the TV.

      To turn off the system you should need to hold the Power Switch in for several seconds something like 4 or more depending on the model involved here so have you tried that as well?

      If the VGA Lead and TV work correctly and the desktop doesn’t and nothing above is of any use I would suggest taking it to a shop to be setup it will be faster and easier for you in the long run.

      Also depending on what you are using to install Windows you may not have all the required Drivers for this system so things like Video, Sound, Ethernet and Dial up Modem if there is one fitted are unlikely to work so you’ll need to download the required drivers for this Model and for your OS.

      Lets know how you get on.


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      Trying not to sound negative, but …

      by bizzo ·

      In reply to New Used Computer, No signal

      Are you still in contact with the person you bought it off?
      That might be why they sold it, and they might give you some insight as to what’s wrong with it.

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      The finale

      by timj ·

      In reply to New Used Computer, No signal

      So I broke down and called Acer. They were able to check my S/N and found out that my computer was under one year old and they said that they would honor the warranty with out proof of purchase.

      I mailed them the computer, which they replaced the mother board, processor, and reinstalled Vista. I would have rather they installed xp, but I am not going to complain. What was really cool was that the turn around was 10 days. It would have been faster but Fedex held the package for two days because the ruined bar code and could not find the shipping information.

      All I am going to say is that I know Acers are not top of the line, but you can’t get any better than that for service.

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        Don’t deride Acer too much, my laptop is an Acer and …

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to The finale

        Has served me bloody well for three and a half years now.

        I once had to return it to Acer for repair and the turn around was estimated to be 2 weeks but in fact only took 9 days (including a weekend).

        Glad to hear you’ve got a working system and happy to know it’s an Acer. 🙂

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