New user account created on its own.

By joshuakmbl ·
My friend called me over to her store she own. Some how all of a sudden after turning off computer by pressing the power button (not by the correct shutdown way) and turning back on later that day, none of her applications work. ie. Word will say that it is not installed for this user. The weird thing is there is only one user on the computer when logging in and when going to the Control Panel/ User Settings. I did go to Documents and Settings to see how many user folders where there and found 3. An Administrator, Front Desk (which is the one she normally logs into), and Local~. When I entered the Local~ folder it was empty. What could have gone wrong. None of her applications like her POS (Point of Sale) software is able to run so she can ring up sales. I tried to go into Safe Mode and take permission of the C: drive under the Administrator account, but when I logged back in under normal mode the screen stayed black. All I was able to see was the Task Manager when I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del, so I restarted back into Safe Mode and changed permission back to her Front Desk user and when I rebooted in normal mode her desktop came back but still unable to use apps. I think the only option is to re-install the OS and apps. Is there another way?

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This could be from

by zlitocook In reply to New user account created ...

Alot of things, hard drive going bad, malware like a tojan taking over her system or her profile being corrupt. Did she keep dack up's? And is the whole system safe?
Did she use encryption and SSL for her user's?
If they have back ups I would format and reinstall. And update every thing, then install a web filter and tell every one to update all programs. Then have them up date their MS programs and hardware.
You can not be too safe!

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User Profile Corrupt

by CompHelpNJ In reply to New user account created ...

At the very least, her user profile is corrupt. I would rename (not delete) her user folder under Documents and Settings ? this will cause a new copy to be created when she logs back in. After she logs back in, then copy and paste any desktop shortcuts from her original user folder to the newly created user folder. As long as the registry is not completely corrupted, this should get her back up and running again. However, I would not be surprised if there is so much corruption that a re-install of the user applications may be necessary.

Several times when I encountered the situation where the user improperly shutdown the system causing corruption, the OS was so corrupted to the point where a complete re-install was necessary. This is an important lesson for the user to learn ? always use the proper steps in shutting down ? not the on/off switch.

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Thanks Everyone

by joshuakmbl In reply to New user account created ...

I copied files over to a backup drive, then just re-installed, everything is fine now.

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