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New Vexira v5 of low quality

By pavlidis ·
I would like to share my experience with the vevira antivirus for windows.
We have a lan with almost 100 workstations. We started a massive installation of antivirus with the vexira of CentralCommand in 2003 and the program was good in price and work.
But the company decided to move to a newer version from 2005 and the previous version gone to unsupported (no virus database updates). Then the problems began.
The first problem was that for every installation it should be typed a registration username / key instead of a license key. They gave us a solution for this but it does not work correctly (see next paragraph).
The most serious problem is that the program cannot update unless you have administrator rights (or be the administrator). In a site like ours, we have a centrally managed authentication of users. All shares and printers and email etc, are maintained centrally so a user can sit to any computer and do its work. The updater does not work in the new version with this scheme. The old version didn't have a problem but the new one I see is more targeted to home users than to enterprise customers.
Also the footprint of the program has tripled in the ram needed to run its services. A machine with a mere 128MB cannot run anymore anything useful when only the antivirus consumes more than 25MB by itself.
Another annoying thing is that the program popups messages for updating its virus database (even if it is updated) and for a lot other reasons.
I good welcome is the ability to send email notifications about its working (for example to a specific account for administering the antivirus) but it lacks the ability to reconfigure it after installation (mail server, email user etc), and also it has not the ability to check what alerts to be send only, and send once!! Now it sends multiple times the same alert whenever the vexira thinks it has a problem and it sends a lot of email.
I would like the ability to force any client installation of antivirus to perform a scan or update or check its status (that capability is lacking). This would be very helpful in a large site like ours, and ofcourse all this work should be done with no disruption of the user work (background and low priority). For security reasons I would like to have only these functions: check the status, update program / virus database, start a scan and send the report to specific account (perhaps different from the predefined one).

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