New Video Card and Wow freezez

By DyingInternaly ·
I recently installed World of Warcraft on my pc. and had to upgrade to a new video card. I don't have any PCIx slots, So I went with the AGP card. It's an Nvidia 7600gs card.

Well, everytime I open and try to play wow it freezes woithin a few minutes. My whole pc. I've uninstalled my driver for my onboard card and everything. I JUST reformatted, so I now have a fresh Win XP Pro OS. I am at a loss. My onboard videocard doesen't make it freeze. But it can't handle the game, it is really choppy.

I bought an Nvidia 5600 AGP card, and it did the freeze thing. So I went and got the Nvidia 7600 thinking it was the card. Same thing...

Any ideas of whats going on??

I've an AMD XP 2400+ processor, 1.5 gigs of DDR... I'm clueless!!!

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Try the Nvidia site

by mjd420nova In reply to New Video Card and Wow fr ...

You need to check the Nvidia site for a patch. The AMD works better with ATI and Nvidia is best with Intel processors. A patch will solve the freezing and it may sacrifice a couple frames but it should do well.

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