New Vista System with Sata Hardrive Wants to format old XP Storage HD

By flar_dragonrider ·
So I'm trying to add my old XP samsung sp2514n HD to my new up and running Vista machine. It has a lot of photos, music and movies on it and I don't want to loose it all. Vista is telling me it wants to format the drive. I don't want it formatted, I just want to have it as a second drive.

I have it set to Slave, Have it plugged into the EIDE.
The EIDE cable isn't long enough to go to the secondary HD plug so it is in the Master plug. Could this be my issue?

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SATA Drivers

by jszivos In reply to New Vista System with Sat ...

Basically, Windows XP was released before SATA was mainstream. The install CD does not come with the drivers that most SATA drives need to function. You need to download your motherboard's SATA/RAID drivers and put them on a CD/floppy. At the start of the Windows Setup, you want to "Press F6 to load 3rd party" drivers, at this point you put the CD/Floppy with the drivers in your PC, and everything should be good to go. If your motherboard manufacturer doesn't have the drivers on the website, then refer to the SATA/RAID controller's manufacturer website.

There can also inject the drivers into your Windows installer, and burn a new Windows CD using nLite.

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RE: Could this be my issue?

by OH Smeg In reply to New Vista System with Sat ...

No the problem here is not anything to do with the way the drive is connected it is solely to do with the way that Vista addresses HDD.

What has obviously happened here is that this HDD was formatted long before SP2 was released and as such the Partition Tables on this drive are Not Vista Compatible, this is to do with the different security protocols included with Vista. What you need to do here is refit this to the XP computer and Save your Data to something that can be transported to the Vista system and copied there.

But if you chose to use something like an external HDD you need to make sure that Vista can read the Partition Information before performing the copy. To do this plug it into the Vista system and format the drive if necessary as a NTFS Partition/s. Then dismount it using the Safely Remove Option on the Task Bar and plug it into the XP system and copy your files to this. Make sure that this is a clean Unencrypted copy by double checking on the Vista System that you can read/View the files and then you can remove the Samsung Drive from the XP System transfer it to the Vista System and format it under Vista. They copy your files back but keep a Backup Copy to prevent Data Loss.

There are only 2 types of Computer users those who ave lost all of their data and those who have yet to loose it all. The more steps you take now the less likely you are to fall into the First Group.

Data Recovery off a Dead HDD can cost in excess of $56,000.00 so a few $ spent now to prevent it is money well spent.


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