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New Warning Released on DIMMS

By The Admiral ·
From Memory Manufacturers Micron, Samsung & Hinx:

This advisory is to alert you to the need for the proper and careful handling of memory DIMMs, especially DDR2 memory DIMMs. Improper handling can damage the DIMMs and result in system issues.

DDR2 memory DIMMs are inherently more fragile than previous generations, in part due to component technology advances required to achieve high speed DDR2 memory operations as well as DIMM design & layout considerations, and are sensitive to careless handling. They must be handled carefully and properly in order to guarantee functional and long-term reliability performance. The increased tab count of DDR2 DIMMs also induces higher socket insertion forces, thereby increasing the probability of mechanical damage to the DIMM if not handled properly.

DDR2 memory DIMMs cannot be handled in the same manner as the prior generation DDR memory DIMMs. While there should be no difference in the proper handling of a DDR DIMM versus a DDR2 DIMM, DDR DIMMs were more tolerant to mishandling. Improper DDR2 DIMM handling can result in mechanical damage to the components on the DIMMs such as cracked chips, cracked packages, cracked solder joints and solder joint separation.

We encourage periodic, recurring training for anyone that is required to handle a memory DIMM. We also encourage the proper disposition (do not use) of DIMMs known or suspected to have been mishandled (dropped, bowed or flexed, handled improperly, etc.).

To facilitate proper handling of DDR2 memory DIMM, we have collaborated with the major memory DIMM suppliers to provide on-line training documents, accessible via website links. These training documents are comprehensive, and provide the necessary guidance for proper memory DIMM handling, including socket insertion and removal. These documents are also available directly from the supplier's website.

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Reminds me of the warnings on

by JamesRL In reply to New Warning Released on D ...

various items, put there as a CYA.

In other words, the manufacturers have discovered they were getting too many returns and they need to cover their butts. There is no instruction here on how to handle the DDR2s any differently, just a warning that they are more fragile. Would be more sincere if the warning had came out when DDR2s were released.


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