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    New Wi-Fi connection


    by texhand ·

    I am trying to bring Wi-Fi where it does not exist.
    I have a switch attached to my cable modem, no Wi-Fi there. I need to bring Wi-Fi to the other end of the building for a specific project. I have a cat5e connection at the end of the building, what can I plug into that connection to create a Wi-Fi connection there? I cannot find a switch that has Wi-Fi built in, some kind of Wi-Fi extender or access point?

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      All that is required here is a WiFi Access Point.

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to New Wi-Fi connection

      You plug the CAT5e into a switch at the end where it is at the switch and a WiFi Access Point at the other end and configure the WiFi Access Device with the security that you require.

      Remember these things have a range of 500 meters or so depending on who made it so you need to lock them down tightly though they only have that range in a single plane and tend not to be overly great on different levels so if you are say on the 3 floor you may not get a signal on the 4 or 2 floors.

      As for locking them down that all depends on which make & modelso you would have to go with the directions that came with the device but all of the common makers have this gear as well as Cisco if you are looking at comericial type hardware.

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