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New Windows 7 "Black Edition". Good or bad?.

By Peconet Tietokoneet ·
Read and download more here:

Or download here:

You will need Bit torrent to download it thought.
Downlaod bittorrent here:

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Based on the comments, it's just a theme.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to New Windows 7 "Black Edi ...

I could be wrong. Since I don't mess with betas or torrents I won't be trying it, but nothing indicates what makes this version worth trying. If it had been posted by someone without PT's reputation, I wouldn't have clicked the link at all.

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I have downloaded the ISO................

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Based on the comments, it ...

And it is quite good looking..............but you are right in saying it is just a theme, but a nice one to say the least. :)

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A few questions

by DHCDBD In reply to New Windows 7 "Black Edi ...

1) Since when do TR members support pirated software?

The beta build 7000 is no longer carried on MSDN or Technet. The DL site given is Rapidshare and Mega Downloads, both of which are strong indicators of pirated software.

2) Why bother with dated beta level software? Build 7077 is available and I am running it it a VM. The RC 1 is rumored to be released this coming Friday.

3) Why the concern with eye candy when there are many other issues that need looking at such as security, ease of use, compatibility with other programs, etc?

4) Why is MS leaking the OS builds to the torrent sites?

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by WhoWasThat25 In reply to A few questions

how can it be leaked by Microsoft, and be pirated?
just because its a torrent, doesn?t mean its illegal

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by DHCDBD In reply to huh?

Yes, from Googles cashes, MS leaked all of the various torrents for whatever reason.

In the Eula for the current most recent build, 7077, while MS does not go as far as to state that they released the torrents, they do acknowledge that "it has come to our attention through our telemetry that..."

The pirate aspect comes from the fact that there are many builds, I think seven though I lost count, beyond build 7000, which is the Official build released to the public.

The EULA for the "Official" build prohibits modification of the OS, performance testing, altering the themes supplied, etc.

The builds released "Unofficially" on the torrents can be considered pirated.

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How can it be classed as "Pirated"......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Pirated.

When it is a free download and in BETA.
You can change the software as you wish.

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Everyone has their own choices..........

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to A few questions

Mine is testing the software.
Testing software (old or new) is my job as well as building computers. I like to keep busy and that is my choice.

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No problem.

by DHCDBD In reply to Everyone has their own ch ...

I was more curious. I test software as well. When using beta software, I prefer to have the most current release.

I do, however, hide the software in a VM and most often use it in a virtual team that is only connected to other team members with no outside networks allowed.

Once in a while, I do allow the OS network access and track who or what it contacts via firewall logs on the Linux host.

Because I am working on a coding project in which there are ugly furrier transformations and multi-threading on an SMP base, I have not had the time to throw the kitchen sink at the Win 7 builds, though I try to test each one.

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