New Windows Server 2003 in Remote office

By steveb ·
Hi Everyone,

Here's the situation I'm in right now:

Our environment includes a Windows 2000 server with Active Directory as our primary domain controller in our HQ.

Our remote office has a Windows NT Server with WINS, and DHCP for the users at this site.

We would like to upgrade our remote office servers to new Windows 2003 Servers. Eventually leading to upgrading our HQ to Windows 2003 Server also.

I was wondering if you could help me with not missing anything when I set up the new Windows 2003 server in the remote sites. The only thing that these servers are used for are file storage, DHCP and WINS at the moment. I plan on setting up AD and use it as a backup DC but is there anything I shouldn't miss when upgrading?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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New Windows Server 2003 in Remote Office

by TechG In reply to New Windows Server 2003 i ...

Migrating, upgrading, is their corporate email or intranet available?
If not you could consider small business server which includes Exchange for corporate email accounts, sharepoint portal to share your files between users on a IIS platform.
VPN for remote accessing, or terminal services for thin client access.

The main question is what basic or advances features are you giving your user community?

Upgrading cosmetically with memory, processors, and hard drive space or just a operating system upgrade?

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Remote Office Server

by steveb In reply to New Windows Server 2003 i ...

We have an exchange server(2003) at our HQ that services all our offices.

At the moment, we want to upgrade our remote office servers so that we can have our environment be placed into native mode at a later time. We have purchased a new server which has upgraded memory, processors, HD space. It also includes Windows Server 2003.

We'd like it to perform the same funcions it did before. Basically just a DHCP server with storage for our remote office location. Is there anything special we should include when setting it up so that it can be integrated into native mode backup DC? Anything I need to consider with this one server moving from Windows NT server to a Windows 2003 server environment for the future? I'm only looking to set up this remote office server.

Thanks for the help.

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Here's the deal

by CG IT In reply to Remote Office Server

you can stick a W2003 server as a member server on your W2000 AD domain. Since you have NT on the domain as well, your running AD in mixed mode. IF you want to put a W2003 DC in the network, you have to addprep/forestprep and addprep/domainprep the W2000 DC because the schema is different between w2000 and w2003 ADs.

your NT box I believe can still be a member server in the W2003 AD network BUT it can not be a DC. you have to upgrade it to W2000 or better yet migrate it to W2003.

So if it was me, I'd make a plan that would first upgrade the NT box to W2008 server [remote site] by putting in a new box. If it's NT it's gotta be an old box that really needs to be replaced. Next would be to upgrade the HQ to Probably Windows Server 2008 AD either through putting in a new box or just a software upgrade. Depends on the age of the existing W2000 DC. If you have other servers your going to want to stick into the network at a future date, plan for those and most likely would be Windows Server 2008. I'd also think of going to Exchange 2007.

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W2003 Upgrade

by steveb In reply to Here's the deal

I'd prefer to go to W2008 also but we had some guidelines imposed upon us by our parent company so W2003 is the best we can do. So W2008 is out of the question. We also have Exchange 2003 running at the moment.

What we had planned to do was upgrade the Windows 2003 Server (remote server) and just keep it as a member server until we are ready to upgrade our DC here at HQ to W2003. The HQ upgrade would be after we upgrade all NT servers to W2003 so that we can switch over to native mode. If this seems like a bad approach, please let me know. Also would I be able to keep the same functions it performs right now. DHCP, WINS, and storage server just for that remote office? Any special configurations I would need to keep these functions?

However, I want to prepare the W2003 server that we are setting up now for that later upgrade to a native mode and W2003 AD environment. Is there anything special that would need to be set up now so that I wouldn't have problems later?

Thanks for the reply. Its been very beneficial

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my opinion

by CG IT In reply to W2003 Upgrade

where ever I said W2008 insert W2003.

Native mode for W2003 make sure you have all W2003 servers.

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by steveb In reply to my opinion

Is there anything I should watch out for when moving my NT server to W2003? I'm not too familiar with W2003 yet so I'm wondering if there's anything I need to look out for. DHCP, and WINS were the only thing installed on the old NT server. Is this all I need for the new W2003 server?

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