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New Year resolutions for IT industry in 2015

By lavanya.booba ·
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Every year IT industry thinks about new technologies and processed to be adopted on new year based on the budgets allocated for that particular year

Regardless of budget every organization has to adopt few resolutions based on the existing infrastructure like Security thread, Automation, virtualisation etc

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resolution 1

by john.a.wills In reply to New Year resolutions for ...

Dump Unix and return to the kind of OS that has a decent programming environment, most notably firm line numbers and compilation cross-references, preferably with an orthogonal command language. Even IBM mainframe ISPF on TSO on MVS is better than Unix, but I am thinking more along the lines of BS3 on the TR440 (which was a CISC, so the hardware had to go, but why no RISC equivalent?) and what they have on the UniSys 2200. I am told that the latter is unreliable in some way, but surely that could be fixed without descending to the primitiveness of Unix.

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Resolution 2

by lavanya.booba In reply to New Year resolutions for ...

1. Develop new security models to prevent data and improve storage strategies
2. Think more around automation and orchestration which helps integration of tools
3. Keep environments current to latest patch levels and prevent from threats

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