Newbie Help Please-How to connect vista and xp pcs to home network

By lois ·
Hi there. I'm new on here and I'm really stuck. I have my desktop workhorse operating on Windows XP Pro and have connected my new Laptop, running Vista Home,using a BT wireless router, and a Belkin G+ adapter on the XP. The laptop has a brand new card internally and both are receiving internet from the BT router. I cant add my laptop to the home workgroup,and I really need to share files between. Is there an idiots guide to connecting both pc's wirelessly?And does anyone know if there are any connectivity issues between vista and XP.
If anyone can help I'd be most grateful.
Thanks, Lois.

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Networking wirelessly

by b.mills In reply to Newbie Help Please-How to ...

Hey there,

One thing you have to remember when networkign at all is as soon as you connect any 2 pc's to a wireless on non-wireless router they are already in the same network

what i think you have on your hands is a firewall issue. if you are running anykind of third party firewall product the first thing you have to check is if you have a "Trusted Zone" set up this goes for Mcafee, Norton etc it should be a simple setup option in the "configure" menu and make sure the trusted zone is say what ever you IP address range is EG " - "

another reason might be that in both cases the simple file sharing is turned on which can be located if your in a folder go to (up the top in the menu bar) TOOLS > FOLDER OPTIONS and then in the view tab go right down the bottom and it should be there

other than that you have just got to make the folder you want to be able to use between the two computers shared out which is done by right clicking on the folder you wish to share out and click on properties , next you need to go to sharing and just in the box give it a name .

if any of this worked all you need to do is to go to your " Network Places " adn the share folders should just appear

Also there are no known issues with networking between Vista and XP so dont worry about that things are just getting easier these day

hope this helped


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Thanks for your help!

by lois In reply to Networking wirelessly

Hey there,thanks very much for all your help and advice-I entered the IP address on both firewalls on both pc's-still not getting anything. Its probably something really stupid(!)I'll keep plugging away- networking in the main pc doesnt show up the laptops name, only the main pc and file and print settings enabled.Its good news that there are no issues between the two Os systems.
Thanks anyway.

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RE: VISTA/XP PRO Home Networking

by Oddsnends In reply to Thanks for your help!

I am well aware that this is somewhat of an old post, however having just purchased myself a new laptop with Vista, and having 2 PC's and a laptop with XP Pro/Home, i encountered the same problem.

The answer to this is relatively simple though.

In the network places for vista, it will ask you to input the network location, BEWARE ! Vista and XP WILL NOT at this stage read each other fully. So instead, when it asks you for the network location, put in your IP Address of the other computer, and VOILA ! you uhave a network set up. Just repeat on the other computers.


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Thanks again-Good tip

by lois In reply to RE: VISTA/XP PRO Home Net ...

Hi there-thanks for that- thats a good tip, I'll save your reply and it will come in handy when I hook up another laptop to the old XP!

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Hey there all! Success!

by lois In reply to Networking wirelessly

Hi Guys! Well first off, b.mills thank you so much-I reconfigured both antivirus software on the laptop and pc, and hey presto, 'a new network has been discovered!'on the laptop -so now I can see my pc's files on the laptop, but still cant access files from the laptop, on the pc., Well I guess I'll figure it out(!)
But thanks again.

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it's still not working for me....

by cdelnevo In reply to Networking wirelessly

i have a windows vista laptop and roommate has windows XP. Connected to her XP, she has a Brothers printer. Im trying to get my computer to network with hers so i can wirelessly print from her computer. I understand that Vista and XP dont recognize eachother, but do u know what i could do in my situation?

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this might help

by lois In reply to it's still not working fo ...

OK- you have make sure that your XP and Vista pc's have thge same workgroup name and they are recognising each other.
Have a look at the previous posts as well or it may be firewall settings but check workgroup names are identical

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Workgroup name.

by 1bn0 In reply to Newbie Help Please-How to ...

you said " I can't add my laptop to the home workgroup,"

I'm not sure what you mean by that. You "join" a domain but your workgroup is usually whatever you set it too.

You should be able to change your laptop workgroup setting to be the same as your other computer. I'm not sure about Vista but I know 2 XP computers on the same network will ignore each other if they have different workgroup names. This also applies for win9x and 2k in a workgroup configuration.

Once you have both machines in the same workgroup b.mills' advise still applies.

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Have renamed workgroup settings today

by lois In reply to Workgroup name.

Thanks for that-Ive just reconfigured the workgroup names to be syncronised, and have followed b.mills advice for the IP addresses.
Thanks so much for taking time to help me out:)Ive got file sharing on the laptop now so just have to tweak the pc now.

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Glad we could help

by 1bn0 In reply to Have renamed workgroup se ...

And thanks for the helpful rating.

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