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    Newbie HR Reps & IT Managers (Myriad Skills, Low Pay Bids, & Certs.)


    by filby ·

    I’ve been in the field for many years and agree with the guy in the article in that the only person who would list that many skill requirements for so low a pay is an HR rep or mgr who knows next-to-NOTHING about I.T. (except maybe what they read in other job ads or what they’re preached to in college or their HR magazines,etc.), or else green I.T. managers who equally don’t know diddly about I.T.

    Unfortunately these job ads have become too commonplace. Luckily you can screen them out rather quickly when you see them (as well as those asking you to indicate your salary history or desired salary). This is what HR reps are taught to do in their college training, but the signal it sends is that they’re a cheapskate company who want you to give up ANY advantage you could have in salary negotiations before you even get the interview. I rarely pay attention to these type of ads.

    The design of Certs are a joke, but an easy way for an inexperienced IT person who can memorize test questions, to impress said newbie HR reps. I haven’t bothered with them. I have to memorize thicknet specs and other archaic crap to pass a Net+ exam? Please… Gee, and also pay $125 out of pocket if I happen not to pass it the first time? Screw that. Now keep in mind I worked in this field when thicknet, token ring, etc. was in common use, but don’t see why ANYone needs to know details of any of this ancient crap. It’s a highly profitable market for Trainers and Tech writers, but a drain on a company’s finances who have to pay to send you to this taught-out-of-a-book (by most instructors) training. (I’ve been to 6 or 7 such classes)

    It’s also very offending when you’re asked the (all-so-trendy) absurd, canned, moronic, non-IT related situation questions in interviews. I give a quick off-the top of my head answer and if they like it or not I could care less, LOL Although mostly they make me just want to walk out of the interview with a “See-ya!!”

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