Newbie learning DirectX

By Slayer_ ·
So, I have been reading on how to make DirectX applications. And while I have managed to draw a triangle on screen, and read through the tutorials on making a spinning cube, I am finding the tutorials rather confusing. Often I am just downloading the provided source code and following along, then playing with it. And it seems to be working.

ATM I am doing this in VB6, cause it's all I have, and the tutorials are all for DX8, and I am wondering, would it be easier to start learning at DX7 first? Then move up to DX8 with its higher focus on 3D? I am curious to learn DirectDraw as from what I read, it is good for 2D games, which is something I'd like to try to make.

Should I keep at DX8 and maybe post more specific questions here later on? Or should I give DX7 and specifically DirectDraw a shot and see if I can make my own game out of it, pong or w/e as a way of getting into DX programming which seems to have a large number of classes to learn about.

Also, any good beginners tutorials that can be posted here would be appreciated :).

I have already read several sites but I cannot remember the links, so any helpful link is good :) (applying textures to quads was an interesting read as it explained a lot of terms, but the code samples were... difficult.)

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Well you gave yourself a tough row to hoe

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Newbie learning DirectX

using VB6 .
Visual Studio Express, with C++. Or a Free version of Delphi and then look Up Project Jedi, would be better starts.
Most of DirectX is unmanaged, certainly the examples you'll see make heavy use of unmanaged environments.
DX version won't matter that much aside from the dlls to reference. You need to get your head round DX architecture.
I'd look for a programming directX with xxx type book.
If you go down the Delphi route then Delphi Graphics & Game Programming Exposed with DirectX is a damn good start.

Flipping that over to C++ , shouldn't be too bad, VB6 well I wouldn't have even thought of trying to be quite honest.

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The VB6 didn't seem to hard

by Slayer_ In reply to Well you gave yourself a ...

I had found a few tutorials to get me started, then many in C++ that I just converted since it is all the same DLL calls.
I got the spinning cube afterall :)

Delphi, is honestly not a language I have ever heard of, is it similar to anything?

And you said there is a free version?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The VB6 didn't seem to ha ...

is Pascal based, used what it called ObjectPascal. You could/can get free for personal use versions. Google
Delphi personal use

If you can muddle thru C++, you'll probably be better off sticking with that though.

As you've found out not many hard core do DirectX and VB6
Aside from being seriously slow, no pointers etc, means optimisation options are bit limited. On top of that the DirectX COM model doesn't play overwell with the Garbage Collector.

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