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Newbie needs direction -- 2 Win2K servers...

By todd ·
Hi here and hoping for some direction...

I recently inherited a small 'network' for work and have been assigned the update/upgrade. The current setup is this:

RoadRunner Business ISP w/5 static IP's
--1st IP assigned to Linksys for Wireless/Personal computers
--2nd IP assigned to ZyXEL ZyWall 70 for firewalling corporate web server(hooked to LAN port, using

That is the current setup and has been working well for the past year or so. My company now plans to add another Win2K server to the ZyXEL (on the DMZ -- for performing all of the web serving, letting the old machine assume solely the SQL database/Cognos Cube building (extremely processor-intensive). That being said, here's my questions:

1) My existing server is pointed to I want the new server to be Is that possible?

2) will adding the new server require me to set up DNS with parents/children (a foreign concept to me)?

3) If I can figure out the network topology, what needs to be done on the ZyXEL for inter-server communication (this is a nice router that I don't know much about)?

4) how do I check whether DNS or DHCP is configured on my existing Win2K server?

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.


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