Newbie needs help, please.

By dlauxx ·
New to programming perl. Please help.

Downloaded ActiveState "ActivePerl-" and installed on my WinXP Pro PC.

Try to test programs written in .html calling .pl (supposed to be on web server) on this TESTING environment. But no luck.

What did I miss?

++++++++++ .htm code
(FORM ACTION="c:/per/bin/" METHOD=GET)
(p)What is your favorite color?(INPUT NAME="favcolor")(/p)
(INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Send form")
* all angle brackets are replaced with "(" or ")".
++++++++++ code
#!/usr/local/bin/perl (.pl file stored on "c:\perl\bin\")
use CGI ':standard';
print header();
print start_html();
for $i (param()) {
print "", $i, ": ", param($i), "\n";
print end_html();

This worked when on real web server. (with #!/usr/bin/perl not local)

What is http://localhost/...... , do I need to configure this first.

Thank you for your help.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Newbie needs help, please ...

You need the perl bin directory adding to your command path.

Also you will need to associate .pl with perl.exe. See html documentation on IIS to apply this.

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You need a web server

by 1bn0 In reply to Newbie needs help, please ...

Checkout WAMP5.

This installs Appache WebServer.MySql database and PHP5.

There may be other better alternative for your purpose.

PHP creates dynamic webpages, Usually to retrieve and display data from a database server. The webserver provides the interface environment between the user and your application.

http://localhost/ is a default pseudonym pointing back to the local machine.

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Thank you.

by dlauxx In reply to Newbie needs help, please ...

Thanks a lot, p.j.hutchison and 1bn0.

I now realize that I need a web server, and I am going to install IIS 5.0 which comes with WinXP and give it a try before exploring other alternatives like Apache.

Thanks again.

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