Newbie needs help. ? Set up XP to log on to server

By hardzoneba ·
Hi All,

I have a network of a server (windows server 2003) connected to various computers via a router. Only one of the computers can access the server. However, I wish to access the server as an administrator from other computers. Please help with a step-by-step procedure. I am a newbie. Thanks

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Newbie needs help. ? Set ...

Are the machines part of a workgroup or domain? You stated that they are all plugged into a router; are they all on the same subnet?

We need a little more information on how your network is set up. It the "router" really a router or is it a hub/switch?

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Thanks for reply

by hardzoneba In reply to Depends

My computers I believe are on domains that were set-up by my system administrator.

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by hardzoneba In reply to Depends

I bought a router that has all the cable feeds from each computer. I do not know what is a subnet.

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Just to make sure

by cmiller5400 In reply to Subnet

Just to make sure that I am not going to lead a goose chase here, what is the make and model of the router?

But to get back to your question; Each PC must have an IP address (like assigned to it, whether it is done manually or via DHCP. The second thing is, all the machines must have the same subnet mask (most likely If this is not configured correctly, the computers will not talk to each other.

Next thing is to make sure that each computer is setup in the domain correctly. You would check this by logging into "active directory users and computers" and making sure that each PC has an account. Second, check the domain membership on each PC. Right click the My Computer icon/properties/computer name/change. XP Home is not able to join domains just in case you did not know this.

This is just a few things that I can suggest right now to check. Let us know if you have more questions or problems.

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Did as instructed.

by hardzoneba In reply to Just to make sure


Router: Linksys RVS4000
Each computer is entered in the server domain under "active directory users and computers" and there is a domain membership for all. I have checked the computer's domain under my computer per your instructions. All my regular computers have access to the server's harddrive but the majority of them cannot access the server. Thanks.

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by hardzoneba In reply to Did as instructed.

I presume the server is not allowing access to its administrative zone because the "client?" computers are not set to have such previlages. Is this correct?

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It depends

by cmiller5400 In reply to Question

It all depends on what account you use to login as. When you start up an XP machine, make sure that you are logging into the domain not the local PC. Now login as an administrator; see if you can access the server now.

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Did not work

by hardzoneba In reply to It depends

I did log in to the server domain under the administrative password, but it did not work. Am I suppose to access the server like a router using the TCP/IP? What I meant was typing e.g. http://domain/pcmachine at the interet browser address line. I'm trying to access the server on my intranet. Thanks.

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Try it this way

by IC-IT In reply to It depends


Then you should be prompted for the admin account (Remember to change it to servername\administrator) and password.

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It worked but...

by hardzoneba In reply to It depends


Thanks for the input regarding using start/run then \\computer\C$. I was able to look at the hard drive. However when I typed in the http://IP address of server - I received a screen that mentioned I should configure the client terminal to connect to the server. However, the installation program did not appear for me to install. Do I have restricted access? How do I bypass this? What I want to have is the screen that has a GUI for me to perform the administrative tasks. Thanks again and I believe I am learning more.

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