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I've just registered to techrepublic, the site is a bit overwhelming at first. Just trying to find my way around. Im looking to develope my skills in the world of IT specifically to be a NETWORK ADMIN. Not sure of the steps i should take if there are any guides that can help i'd be greatful. I did try to get "500 Things You Need To Know To Succeed In Your IT career" but i cant seem to get it downloaded and i should have the pro membership as i paid the $99.00, just looking for some guidance at techrepublic. I got certified in A+, NETWORK+ and SECURITY + back in 08, 09 there about. So any help on the next step to becoming a fully cert. Net Admin will be helpful aswell I have a family so im looking short programs that i can build up towards that position, thanks alot guy for letting me share..i await your help!

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I've flagged your post

by CharlieSpencer In reply to NEWBIE! PLEASE HELP!

to get the PTBs attention. I asked them to check the status of your TR Pro membership.

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by Tigger_Two In reply to NEWBIE! PLEASE HELP!

It can really be a process working yourself into a Network Admin role. It kinda goes to the whole, "you need experience to get the job, but you can't get experience in a job... because you need experience."

One of the things that you can do to de-rail that particular Catch 22 is look for a volunteer role helping with Network Administration tasks. Another thing to consider would be an unpaid internship where Network Administration is part of the job. Both are ways to gain experience in the real world environment, thus earning you a way of claiming experience.

Once upon a time, working in Help Desk roles was a valid way to gain experience as well as a way to move into a more desirable role with a company. I think those days are mostly gone.

Another way to gain the experience you want is to look at small businesses. You wouldn't be only the Network Admin, probably. You would be the IT department. Still, it is a valid way to gain the experience you need and might actually be a best fit from a job perspective.

As far as certs are concerned, you might want to consider the CCNA as a next step.

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