Newbie plugs power into HD jumper - hilarity ensues

By edj3184 ·
What would happen if you managed to plug a floppy drive power connector into the jumper prongs on a hard drive, and then proceeded to boot the PC?

I told this newbie at work to install a PSU into a machine that was able to POST and boot fine, until he did what he did with the PSU. Now the PC doesn't POST at all.

On a related note, the original problem with the PC was that the customer's digital cameras weren't being recognized on the PC whenever they were plugged into any of the USB ports - any other USB devices were instantly recognized, however.

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by TheChas In reply to Newbie plugs power into H ...

What may happen depends on the particular drive itself.

You could short the 5 and 12 volt supplies to each other. Either or both to ground. Or, just shove 12 volts onto the 5 volt logic.

Again, depending on where the jumper leads connect to, you could have a fried power supply, hard drive, or even the IDE controller on the motherboard.


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by edj3184 In reply to Depends

I got lucky today.

All I had to do was take out the CMOS battery, reinsert, and then reset the CMOS jumper just to be sure - and then the motherboard booted up!

However, the PC won't POST if that HD is connected to the mobo. And the HD couldn't be read when plugged via USB reader in another PC. Yup. Newbie definitely fried the hard drive.

Oh well. At least the motherboard is good....

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