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Newbie SysAdmin: reccomendations?

By Chibi-1 ·
It seems like soon I'll finally be getting a chance at SysAdmin, something I've been wanting to do for a while. However, I lack experience, so I would like to ask for some advice, recommended reading and practices, particularly in the Unix/Linux arena, in which I'm not very familiar (I've only taken the MCSE courses... MS Win 2K Pro, Advanced, AD, SMS)

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Young Jedi

by LordInfidel In reply to Newbie SysAdmin: reccomen ...

There are so many different places to begin.

First, remember this name, O'reilly. They are the book gods of everything *nix.

When learning Linux, just like winblows. The fastest and most sure fire way to learn is to install it (clean on a non-dual boot system), mess it up and learn from your mistakes.

Forget everything you knew about how an MS OS is made up when using linux. It will just confuse you.

But once you learn where everything is, it will become easy. For that, an excellent little site to learn that is: &

The former will give you little tips and tricks. The latter, very helpful when learning commands.

Get yourself a copy of RedHat 8 or 9. I say RedHat rather then slackware or mandrake, because it is widely supported and the most common of the distro's. Instead of downloading the iso images, buy yourself a copy. It will be one of the few chances you get to actually monetarily support linux.Get yourself 2 books to start off with, both from o'reilly. Running Linux, and the Linux Administrators guide.

The RedHat bibles will also be helpful.

Other usefull links:
Trinity OS
RPM Finder
And most importantly for Kernel updates for links to other linux sites

This should be enough to start you off. There are tons of sites out there and a million books.

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People like you make people like me look bad

by girlgeek04 In reply to Newbie SysAdmin: reccomen ...

I realize I am being critical of you, it is true. People like you make people like me look bad. I have many years of experience, college and a few certifications. I started (with my certifications) at the bottom and worked my way up. My certifications helped me get in the door, but my ability to learn is what moved me up to greater responsibliities.

You are in a position of "luck," for lack of a better word to call it, starting at the top. The information that is taught for certification is usually solid and correct, but it is rare that the day to day work of an administrator or technician is "textbook." There are all sorts of things that cannot be taken into account when you learn from a book and/or in a lab. The first one is how people use technology and the insane things they can do to mess things up!

I do wish you the best, and would like to close with this piece of advice: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Find a trusted friend or mentor to help you through the rocky times (server crashes in the middle of a critical migration). Once you get a certain amount of hands on experience, you will be in a position to do the same for another.

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