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    Newbie to win2000 server


    by mick@work ·


    i’m a networking person & new to servers but i’m setting up a pdc on win 2000 for a small company of 30 – 40 users and have a few questions

    i have set up the server on a medium sized PC with test user and pc accounts & can get logged on ok – my queries

    1. is the mmc the only free tool available with
    win2000 to administer the domain?

    2. i’m giving users different levels of power on
    the domain, i know the domain admin can do all
    but i want to create a group with medium
    powers, i.e. add new machines, configure pcs,
    and one with little or no power – what goups
    can i use?

    3. dhcp/external dns is supplied by a broadband
    connection to the telco so i have the server
    as a dhcp client and the server configuration
    added dns server – are there any other
    services i need to disable for security

    4. i want a user to have a console to add users
    etc – is mmc the only free option?

    thanks to anyone taking the time and effort to answer my queries

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      Reply To: Newbie to win2000 server

      by bfilmfan ·

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      Multiple answers to your questions here, so I will start in order:

      1) No, but most of the others will call the various MMCs and some operations can only be run from the MMC. So you will be using tem a great deal.

      2) To add users to a domain, you should use the built-in security group Account Operators. For allowing a group to configure workstations, I would say to creat a security group and assign that security group to the administrators group on the PC’s that should be managed.

      An overview of default Windows 2000 security groups can be found here:

      3) The Windows 2000 Security recommendations are a very well accepted standard. These templates, explanations and instructions on use can be found here:

      In addition, to prevent issues with your domain controller, I would recommend that clients point to your DC for DNS and you have a root hint forwarder from the DC to your ISP’s DNS server.

      4) You should use the Users and Computers MMC.

      I would recommend that you attend some Microsoft training seminars, join a MCSE study group, use VMWare to create an AD environment that you can test and blow up (blowing it all the heck is still the best way to learn what NOT to do in the real world) and purchase some of the TR and O’Reilly Windows 2000 guides.

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      Reply To: Newbie to win2000 server

      by mick@work ·

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