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Newly A+ certified and no job

By laraine_liverman ·
I obtained my A+ cert this past March and have not been offered anything in regards to a permanent position. I have done a few and very few short assignments successfully and told that when something comes up, I will be called.
How can I launch my new career.

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also a+ certified

by rtwarnick In reply to Newly A+ certified and no ...

I?m also A+ Certified as well as Net+, CCNA, CCNP certified... I am currently employed at a Radio Communications company. Most of my fellow coworkers are all CEET (computer electronic engineering technicians or electronics certified. I?m the oddball.

The head of our IT Department found out about my qualifications and started to give me more and more assignments to complete... at first it was as simple as changing the batteries in the UPS's, then it was giving him tree security structures of proposed file/folder ideas. Now I have free administrative abilities in the computer end of my company... I?m now part of the IT department as well as my current position of Manager of Rental Dept.

I?m 18, I got my A+ cert back in March of '03, and then I got my Cisco certs back in March of '04. I was selfemployed for three years doing freelance tech work for companies... many of which became dependant on my services and i quickly became highly recomended over our local tech shops. I had a registared company name and everything. I was fresh out of high school when I started my current job, but it took a little time... but i got an IT position...

My best advice is take a pay cut now... work a low end tech job... for a while, even if that means being a freelance technician for a year or two. Get a company name registered for yourself. Make some business cards... then when you apply for that IT job next year they can see that you already had been in the field for a while... when they ask why you want to stop that and work for them, say what best fits the job.. Big company= tell them you wanted the health insurance and the security of work everyday...
if you would like more information e-mail me at:
ATTN: Tech Republic Forum post "yournamehere"

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Thanks for the info

by laraine_liverman In reply to also a+ certified

I really appreciate the reply. I am a little older than you. I have made some business cards and performed residential pc repair. My question to you is how do I get my company name registered. I have been using Traveling Tech on my business cards. Thanks again for the info.

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This helped me

by frwetmore In reply to Thanks for the info

I've been out of the tech field for 2 years now. I don't have any certs and only 2 years of experience, mostly helpdesk. This is what I did step by step - by the way, I just landed a 17.00/hr job - so there out there.

1. Taylor resume for technical
2. Find a technical recruiter or three, but don't just ask them if their hiring, ask them to critique your resume and tell you what they think needs to be improved.
3. Post your resume on every technical job-posting site available (I got my job from a recruiter who picked my resume from
4. Work your network, build a new one online (this is a good place to start).
5. Find open houses, also good for network building.
6. Keep doing freelance, even if you land a good job, cause you never know (I was layed off twice
from companies in my 2 years in the industry).
7. Good luck.


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Where are you

by zlitocook In reply to Newly A+ certified and no ...

Located, I have a lot of recruters cards and the field is starting to open up. I have a little more training then you. But there are companys out there who can place you so you get more training.

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Take a contract

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Newly A+ certified and no ...

What comes first the chicken, or the egg? Get certified and they want experience, not certified but have experience, why aren't you certified? The way I overcame this was to be as flexible as possible to prove my worth and enhance my resume.....You can do alot with a certification, a couple of contracts and a well written resume.....Good luck

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by tony In reply to Newly A+ certified and no ...

Go for your own company. I started my own. and believe it or not you'll do fine.

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