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Newly built computer - not recognising keyboards

By Dancup ·
Hi guys,

I bought all the components for a gaming rig I'd been planning to build for a while yesterday, and painstakingly put all the parts together (it was my first time building). Anyway, I finished connecting everything and turned it on, only to find that when I got to the Gigabyte boot screen, I couldn't do anything because it wasn't recognising my wireless USB keyboard. So I unplugged that one, plugged in an old PS2 keyboard, restarted and tried again. Same deal.
What's stranger, though, is that sometimes the computer will either not boot up at all (the lights come on, but nobody's home. In most cases this would result in everything lighting up, and the fans coming on, but then after about fifteen seconds the fans go off again), or it will come on and the fans will go absolutely spastic until I pressed the power button again. I'm really not sure what this could be. My money is on human error, considering it's my first build, though I'm not sure what I did wrong, because naturally I haven't got any experience here.

I'm about to go down to **** Smith's to buy a crappy (but newer) corded USB keyboard to see if it might be a keyboard issue after all. The PS2 keyboard I have is ancient, and the wireless USB keyboard probably needs installation.

Any advice that might help me get my PC running would be very much appreciated!


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Does the PC complete the POST?

by NickNielsen In reply to Newly built computer - no ...

Do you hear a beep during the initial power-on sequence?

Try resetting the BIOS completely: find the CMOS reset jumper. It will usually be close to the CMOS battery; your mainboard documentation will have the exact location. Move it to the Reset position for the time specified, then move it back to the Normal position. Reboot and see what happens.

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some systems you have to set the BIOS to recognise either

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Newly built computer - no ...

PS2 or USB keyboards, once you set that, it ignores the other. Most wireless keyboards need to have the OS up and running and the proper drivers installed before they work - some will work from scratch, but many won't.

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by Dancup In reply to Newly built computer - no ...

Fixed it! It was something to do with the LED headers. Cheers for the responses. :)

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Header problems, well, off with their heads - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Fixed
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by NickNielsen In reply to Fixed

No, you can't get those mixed up, or else your PC won't boot.

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