Newly built PC

By jimmy832000 ·
I have just put together a pc build and I have a problem.
I am trying to install windows XP and it freezes just after the statement "press F6 to install raid drivers". The white bar at the bottom goes blank. I have left it for 10 minutes+ to see if it changes. This drive is a sata drive.
I then swapped this blank sata drive for one which had windows installed on it, but this was an IDE drive. As the drive boots up to start windows, the system restarts. The drive was set to master on channel 0, and the CD drive was set to master on channel 1.

The setup:Intel Pentium D 945 (new)
Asrock Dual-vsta mobo (new)
1 gig crucial ram 553
450W PSU (new)
6600GT AGP card

The system seems to be adequatly cool.

It seems that the system crashes whenever the hard drives are attempted to be read/ written to. Both drives were fully detected in the BIOS.

Any ideas why this might happen?
Many thanks

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Install driver

by dmiles In reply to Newly built PC

First off use the motherboard system disk to install the raid drivers
Make sure to format the sata drive using the drive disk
The begining was more than likely the drivers,you created the next problem by adding the IDE drive,they can co-exist but the SATA needs to be master and IDE slave
Set jumpers on drives to designated position
Start the process of loading XP on blank drive with the bare minimum of hardware
Set the system to boot from the cd rom in BIOS,reverse later
Hope This Helps

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Try the..

by The Hidden Nick In reply to Newly built PC

I think you first have to see your ram and the video card, then check the drivers. Also, sometimes its cause of the connection, so check that. Check the wires also. ANd see the harddrive. Make sure everything is ok.

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