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Newsletter-to-Browser link problem Returns

By mike_h ·
The relief was short-lived. About 2+ days and the problem is back. My original question was posted here:

Nothing has *stayed* changed since I posted the first question... For 2 days everything worked fine, and now it doesn't. When I click on a link in a TechRepublic newsletter I get "The page cannot be displayed" and in the Title Bar it says "Cannot find server." If I copy the link and past it into IE6 I get the same thing. If I paste the link into Netscape 8.0.4, Opera 8.02, Mozilla 1.7.12 or Firefox it works fine.
I won't repeat here all the things I tried (noted at the link above) but the delineating mark both times (the "fix" and the "re-break") came when my son used the computer to check his Yahoo mail and to visit He didn't install or uninstall anything, change any settings, shut down or reboot. He used the Mozilla 1.7.12 browser which I don't usually use.
The only thing I've noticed (and I don't know enough about it to know whether or not it reveals something...) is that the links in the newsletters all begin with "" and in the other browsers, when the page link is finally resolved the link in the address bar shows, for example, "" or "" or "," etc. Whether there is a "translator" or a "redirector" that isn't working or something along that line, in IE or in my settings, I don't know, but for all the other browsers it works fine.
I would be very grateful for any help, suggestions or "high-level magic." This has become very annoying!


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This is a known problem

by mike_h In reply to Newsletter-to-Browser lin ...

From looking around in newsgroups it appears that some other people have had this problem before, even here with TechRepublic newsletters. Various topics I?ve found include:

Clicking hyperlink in an Outlook Express e-mail message, causes Internet Explorer to display a 404 Object Not Found error page
Links in email don't launch website
OE breaks internal links in imported HTML document
Unable to follow links on some email newsletters
You cannot open a new Internet Explorer window or nothing occurs after you click a link

The only thing I can't seem to find is a solution to the problem. It kind of defeats the purpose of getting newsletters if you can't link to any of the articles, downloads, etc. If anyone has any insight to this problem I sure would appreciate some help!

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Possible Solution

by kmmink In reply to This is a known problem

Try setting one of your other browsers as the default browser and opening the email link. Close that browser and open IE. Choose IE as your default browser. Try opening the email link. Should now open in IE.

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Nice try

by mike_h In reply to Possible Solution

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks very much for responding! I just tried your suggestion using Firefox. The links work fine in Firefox, but when I changed the default back to IE they don't work. I've done quite a bit of searching through newsgroup archives and I see that others have had this problem, but none of their solutions work for me!
I'm really stumped. Thanks again for your try.


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