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Atlanta Journal Constitution has recently disconnued the Journal. They have taken those customers and converted them to Constitution customers (morning delivery rather than afternoon delivery) they have added those papers to not just my route, but to most everyone's route. I have about 300 extra papers to deliver. It takes about 9 extra hours of preperation and delivery. I have only seen about $10.00. extra in my pay. To me this seems like a serious injustice. What do you think.

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I dont see how this is a Techrepublic

by James R Linn In reply to newspaper carrier


But I will answer it anyway.

Unjust? Are you being forced without a choice - no, you have a choice, you can quit.

Unfair - definately, one rule that many managers hold is the principle that you can't radically change a job wihout the employees consent.

Are there other jobs out there? Take one.


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Data problem

by generalist In reply to newspaper carrier

It could be a computer problem.

For example, there could be some lag time between when you got the additional papers and when you'll be given a fair rate.

It could also be a simple data error. The newspaper may think that you're only delivering 3 or 30 as opposed to 300.

You might want to check your contract and whatever printouts you get from the newspaper. There is always a chance that what you are being paid is within the limits of the contract.

And if the newspaper allows customers to tip the carriers via an automated bill, you might want to see if those tips are going to the proper locations. There is always a chance that the route managers or somebody up or down the "billing to carrier payout" chain is diverting funding. With an automated billing system you would never know unless there was a BIG discrepancy.

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