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    Next gen of IT mgrs / mgmt tools?


    by tylerv ·

    Note that I’m avoiding the “web 2.0” phrase, despite it being a handy if inaccurate way to refer to the type of fare found at 🙂

    I have been thinking about the next generation of IT Managers and how they grew up plugged into the ‘net, using blogs, IM, myspace, etc. As a current IT manager, one whom I’m guessing is probably too old to count as part of this new ‘wave’ of IT mgrs but who likes all the tools, I’ve been thinking about two questions:

    1. What will these new IT managers expect to be able to use as tools that we don’t typically use to manage our teams today?

    2. What creative uses could we be using these tools for ourselves?

    One thought on #2: a *secure* blog – perhaps only installed locally – with tagging would be a great way to make sure that I do the important step of writing down major events and work actions that my staff do, both positive and negative. Certainly it would be a better tool for tracking someone on a performance plan than a word doc. I could bring it up and throw in quick entries and tag them with people’s names. Could have rating, etc. There’s lots of opportunity here for this to be more than a blog.

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