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nic card

By haimaiga ·
my system is not booting when nic card is placed on my mother board pci slot(any slot)

my nic card is RTL 8139
mother board : INTEL 815EEA2 chipset.
OS:win 2000 server.

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nic card

by Cr@zy@ssM@g!c!@n In reply to nic card

a couple things to check.

1. Upgrade Mobo Bios..
2. Boot PC into bios and make sure pci slot settins are to thier coresponding values.
3. Maybe you might want to try a different nic card to make sure that one isnt fried.
4. how far does your computer boot till it fails..

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nic card

by TheChas In reply to nic card

Just a side note:
Some motherboard do not like some brands of network cards.

A different make of card, not just a different card, should be tried.


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nic card

by Tim.Doyle In reply to nic card

NIC card is redundant. NIC stands for Network Interface Card. Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine.

Does the server boot ok without the NIC? Why are you adding this NIC at this time? Are you replacing a failed NIC? I'd try a different card if youcan.

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nic card

by PaulP In reply to nic card

To Tim Doyle...
Maybe the writer of this question has been around a while. When the acronym "NIC" first appeared, it stood for Network Interface Controller. It's only in recent years the generally accepted meaning of "NIC" became Network Interface Card.

My pet peeve is people that say ATM machine.

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nic card

by Deadly Ernest In reply to nic card

I know this may seem obvious but check your BIOS settings and see if BOOT FROM NETWORK has been activated. I have seen a machine that automatically reset the BOOT OPTIONS to BOOT FROM NETWORK as first option when a NIC was installed. Then it just sat there waiting for the reply to its 'PLEASE BOOT ME COMMAND'.

NB ffor those not familiar this is different to WAKE ON LAN, but a process where the boot instructions are issued over the network from a server in response to a boot request.

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