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Nic card blanks the monitor

By Borg7of9 ·
I am working on an old AMD700 system, had to put in a new hard drive. Everything went ok, and installed WIN98_SE. everthing seemed to go ok, however, I needed to install drivers for the Linksys Nic card and for the onboard sound. Before proceeding, but after WIN98 installed, I did another re-boot, and the screen was blank, with beep codes. Could not figure out what was causing problem, so removed nic and system booted ok, put nic card back in and screen goes blank, and keyboard mouse freeze, remove nic, and all works ok again. Other than hard disk crash, system was working fine beforehand. Any ideas.

I dont have a spare nic card handy, and of course I will try that next to see if the card is flaky, just posting now in case anyone has come across this before?

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by TheChas In reply to Nic card blanks the monit ...

Most likely a resource conflict.

With the NIC out, enter BIOS setup and enable / force reset ESCD (configuration)

Boot up into Windows.

Check device manager and legacy system files (sysedit) for references to any network card.
Delete as needed.

Shut down.

Install the NIC.

Enter BIOS setup again and force ESCD update.

If you still have problems, move the NIC to another slot.

If the problem with the hard drive was a hard electrical failure, it is possible the a voltage surge came in through the NIC and got both the NIC and the HDD.


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by Borg7of9 In reply to

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by Oz_Media In reply to Nic card blanks the monit ...

Have seen it for two issues, as you said, possibly faulty NIC, they are pretty weak littl things someimtes.

and as Chas said, IRQ conlfict.

It also could be a drivers, you said you hadn't installed them at the time, as it was Win98, most likely the default didn't support tha card.

This may have also forced an incorrect IRQ between Nic and sound reulting in the conflict.

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by Borg7of9 In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to Nic card blanks the monit ...

NICs and sound cards often vie for the same IRQs and address ranges. Sounds like NIC can't use sound card IRQ and addresses, so it tries for video card territory.

Try this sequence. Remove NIC and sound drivers. Remove devices from device manager. Shutdown. Remove NIC and sound card from PC.

Reboot (reset ESCD on bootup) and verify that video is working.

Shutdown, install NIC in different slot, reboot, reset ESCD, and install NIC drivers. If there is still a problem with video, change NICs.

If all is well, shutdown, install sound card, reset ESCD, and install sound drivers.

Hopefully, that sequence will work. If not, hardware changes are probably required.

NOTE: IMPORTANT, Do not use PCI slot 1 for NIC or sound card. Slot 1 is normally slot closest to CPU and may be configured for PCI video.


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by Borg7of9 In reply to

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by Borg7of9 In reply to Nic card blanks the monit ...

ok, well first, it is unlikely this was an IRQ conflict, as the cards were previosuly configured and working for years. As for using the first PCI slot, mot much choice on these cheap motherboards, as there was only 2 slots, but again system was working for years, and the motherboard did have a seperate AGP slot, although not used as video was onboard.

Could not find ESCD in Bios

Ordered another nic card, and it worked, so muct have been faulty nic, however what is weird, it keeps wanting to install it on every boot, even though the driver is installed just fine

Thanks for the tips anyway.

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by Borg7of9 In reply to Nic card blanks the monit ...

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