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NIC card Interuption frequently

By saifuldhk ·
My NIC card Interupt frequently

What are the varius reason

How can know know it?

Please help me.

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Can you please re-phrase your question better, its hard to understand..

by TomSal In reply to NIC card Interuption freq ...

Its a bit hard to understand as your post doesn't make total sense.

However, I can read between the lines so to speak the most basic "technique" (for lack of knowing what else to call it) that network engineers/admins do to test the hardware of a nic card is doing a loopback test.

Click on start, then run, then type "command" (or you may be able to just type CMD if you are using an NT kernel based Windows) the command prompt do a loopback..


if that works your HARDWARE is fine.

on the nic, if not the nic is dead.

On the other hand to be honest, if I suspect a nic is dead I just replace it...a $20-$30 NIC is not worth $40-50 per hour of my time.

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Don't forget the cable

by JamesRL In reply to Can you please re-phrase ...

I have seen many intermmittent problems with the NIC go away when you replace the cable.

Test one - unplug the cable and then plug it back in.

Test two - swap the cable for a known good one.

In the good old days when NICs were expensive, they used to write diagnostic software for them. Being able to run the 3com diags often saved the day for me.


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