NIC keeps going "out"

By schamber ·
Was called to a home with the complaint of no internet connection. Upon arrival I see a red X on the network connection in the task bar.
This computer is hooked to a MODEM through the cable company. She tells me the cable guy was out and checked the line, MODEN and cat5 line. ?Nothing is wrong?must be the computer NIC?.
I figure just in case it?s a software issue, let?s wipe it. Took out the partitions and formatted it. New install of WINXP. After all is done?still the red X on the task bar. OK we will assume hardware issues. Purchase of a new NIC is done. After installation a red X is shown on the new NIC. In device manager both are shown with no problems. OK must be the system board!? They go and buy a NEW computer. This is hooked to the same MODEM and lines. After VISTA sets up, all is well. Internet connection for 1 ? hrs or so, then suddenly the red X appears. This happened while I was at the computer (not the customer) Again no issue in device manager, red X in task bar.
I still need to try the new NIC to see if it functions on a different computer. Any one have a theory or something?

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More info

by Fregeus In reply to NIC keeps going "out"

Is there a router between the cable modem and the PC?

If yes, try without it.

If no, my bet is the modem cable has some sort of sporadic issue. What happens if you reset the cable modem? What happens if you unplug it and replug it? (harder reset) What happens if you unplug it for an hour and then replug it? (over heating issue). What happens if you put a router in front of the modem?

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probably the modem

by krayzplaya In reply to NIC keeps going "out"

i dont know if u bring a laptop with you but i would use that to test the connection more then likely i think it is the modem, u cant always believe those cable modem "specialists" that took the 2 week course on setting up your cable modem lol

hope everything works out


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