NIC Load balancing

By ricky.obrien ·
Is there such a thing as hardware load balancing with NIC's.rather than software load balancing

depending on server we use, there are 2 different types of NICs, intel in older servers and broadcom in the newer ones,

the intel are load balanced in the drivers and the broadcom are balanced using a program that sits ontop of the drivers

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Network Teaming

by p.j.hutchison In reply to NIC Load balancing

On our HP servers, we use something called Network Teaming where two cards are teamed together to make them look as one and provide one simulated MAC address. There is software involved to do the teaming but to the OS and the switches it look like one card.

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we use that too....

by ---TK--- In reply to Network Teaming

but some of our clusters don't really like it... When our clusters are teamed, every now and then a server in the cluster will drop for no reason (off the network)...

But I have been arguing... whats the point of teaming the NIC's when we have a cluster, because the teamed NIC's are set up for fail over?? kinda over redundant, and causes more issues than its worth (in clusters)...

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