NIC not getting IP address in Windows XP/2003

By mlody1115 ·
Hello all,

I have a rather interesting problem that I was hoping someone had seen before. I am unable to get an IP address from my DHCP server in either windows xp or 2003 server. Have basically swapped out ALL equipment at one point or another, including the NIC itself. Cable and switch are known good, but have tried different cable and switch anyway just to rule them out as well. Different motherboard/memory/power supplies/cpu/HDD etc. did not make a difference either. Even downloaded the latest drivers for various cards along with service packs. etc. with no success. Have tried setting speed/duplex settings also with no luck. Also checked DHCP scope and there are pleanty of addresses.

Here's the kicker...if I load Vista, it will get an IP address. So I know the hardware is good.

All three motherboards I have tried are Biostar.

At this point, I am thinking it is either a BIOS setting (of which I have adjusted about as may as I can think of) or some type of file/driver handler that Vista supports and XP and 2003 do not.

The primary card I would LIKE to get working is a netgear GA311 gig/E adapter. Have also tried Linksys' 1032 gig adapter with same results.

If anybody has any ideas at all or has any further questions, please let me know.


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I think I figured it out!

by mlody1115 In reply to NIC not getting IP addres ...

Hello all,

I think I figured out the solution to my problem.

The computer is connected to a switch that is subdivided into multiple VLAN's. I guess the Vista drivers already have provisions built into the driver to account for this, but since XP/2003 are built on the older kernel, they do not automatically have this built in.

Long story short, if you turn on "VLAN tagging" in the properties of the network card, it should come right up.

I hope this helps save some people a few days worth of aggrivation! :-)


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Same Issue with WindowsXP service pack 2

by sgilmour In reply to I think I figured it out!

I don't have the option for vlan tag any other ideas?

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Same Problem

by najeebuv In reply to NIC not getting IP addres ...

I am also face same problem , when am install vista its works fine.. some times it happense bcoz of firewall, am not sure. if u got any solution pls post.

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DHCP Client service

by Bapster In reply to Same Problem

Make sure this service is running, if it restart it anyway.

Also make sure and set to start automatically.

Although, this is a no brainer, I have seen this not be set at the default setting and spent so much time trying to resolve, until I saw this service was turned off. I turned it on, pulled an IP address within seconds.

Also I would check your event see if this will provide a clue to what is going on.

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Window XP IP not resetting

by key2success2 In reply to NIC not getting IP addres ...

I am having problems connecting to the internet. I've tried everything I could think of and have had some help via some forums with no success. Here's the problem (I think)
My daughter was giving a laptop with virus, after virus on it. I scanned it and removed the viruses. Ever since then, I can't access the Internet. I am getting Local Area Network not plugged, I am getting DHCP not started. I tried renewing the IP address to no avail. For some reasons, the IP address for the laptop is gone and cannot be renewed. can anyone help me figure this out?

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Reponse To Answer

Probably should have started a new Q&A, since this one is old.
Anyhow, have you tried repairing Windows XP networking in
Control Panel? Open Control Panel, then Networking. Right
click on the connection you use and choose the repair option.
If that doesn't work, you may have to go back through those
steps but instead of choosing repair, try deleting the old non-
functioning connection and then let the Network Connection
Wizard create a new entry for your connection.

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