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NIC problem connect to LAN

By itech ·
Anybody know why the NIC's on three XP workstations of our LAN mysteriously can't see the it?

We have Genius GF100TXR4 Fast Ethernet 10/100M PCI Network Cards installed on all three and no new software or hardware has been added to LAN for about 4 months. Were working extremely well when installed last year in December.

There seems to be alot of these problems occurring of late and mostly to these three workstations.

Your help on this is greatly app.


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by Oz_Media In reply to NIC problem connect to LA ...

The only issue I've run across between XP and lAN connections is XO Home isn't designed to network on a LAN with a private domain, enter XPPro.

Is it possible you have changed added to or rebuilt yor domain?

As for the other problems, welcome to XP.

Did they ever say what the XP was for? X-tra Pathetic? Xtra Problems? What a nightmare, I have dealt with the XP headache before but have since converted my clients desktops to XD2 Ximian Linux for desktops with Novell servers for stability. It's fresh and new, offers more for less and is much more stable. Look around next budget time, there are better options that are just as user friendly now.

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by itech In reply to NIC problem connect to LA ...

Guess what! The computer and card are working. I really don't know what is going on here. The same NIC and it just mysteriously works now. After two straight days of fault diagnostics and research on the net it just poof started to work although the other two computers are still not working. Absolutely no changes were done during this time to Lan as well as computers.

Is there a program where I can check on the nic's in each computer and give a possible cause for it's sudden defiance to see our Lan

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by Stephen Young In reply to NIC problem connect to LA ...

Just a thought, have you checked both ends of the connection. I have had infuriating itermitant network errors in the past and the problem has turned out to be a failing switch. As it started to fail certain ports started to give really slow connections or drop the connection completely but in a completely inconsistant way.

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