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Nic quits responding

By dyhodge ·
I have several web site running on a single computer under iis. Over a period of time usually les thatn a day one of the NIC card to a site will stop responding, yet if you check the server it shows as being active. If i change the media type from auto mode to 10 MBS half or anything other that what it currently is, then it will start responding to web and ping traffic again. This problem is appearing on all of my servers at some point or another. Any idea what would be causing this to occur.

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by voldar In reply to Nic quits responding

I don't have any ideas about what's making your nic to behave like this, but I would suggest you to look on your event viewer to see what are the errors loged on. My oppinion is that you have something with the system configuration (service packs or lack of RAM memory). You should try to monitor your system also.
Web server accessed by too many users at the same time maight overload the system (the swap file), and so the system stops responding.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Nic quits responding

first make sure the speed of the nic matches exactly the speed of the hub/switch.
if it's a 10 mb switch , the nic should be put at 10 mb also. (this applies also for 100 mb , duplex and half duplex settings , etc)
2nd check the amounyt of traffic that is going through the nic, maybe that brand of the nic can not handle the traffic. update the driver or change the nic (and brand). Check also the amount of traffic that the webserver is generating. Also check for virusses, maybe it's a virus or that the system has been hacked that may cause so many traffic.
And of course make sure that the os and secured is updated with the appropiate patches.

If this happening all servers try a different switch too, preferrable a manageble one, so you can set the speed settings per port.


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by ewgny In reply to Nic quits responding

I've had this problem. It turned out to be that my Cabletron switch was very sensitive to any power anomalies. Even though it was on a good UPS. The server NICS were set to 100Mbps. The problem eased a bit when I switched them to auto sense. I did have a Dell Poweredge Server that the NIC blinked on and off randomly. The integrated NIC was bad. Problem ceased after a MB change.
I would suggest switching NICS to troubleshoot. Or if it is an integrated NIC, add another NIC
and disable the integrated NIC for a test period. Since you say it happens to all of your Servers though I would think the main problem is the Hub/switch that they are connected to, and the Server NICS just freak out when the switch chokes. By trying another NIC like I suggested, you may find that the replacement NIC is not as Fickle.

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