nic teaming or load balancing

By etienne.mostert ·
I have three win 2003 servers.-Data Servers-
massive data transfers kill the access speed.
all running raid 5.
I want to install two gig nics in all of them
how would i go about teaming /load balancing?
do i need special software/hardware?

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Compatibility is the key

by Zen37 In reply to nic teaming or load balan ...

We had that issue at my previous employer. We wanted to use the Microsoft windows method of teaming the cards but our Cisco switches could not understand what we were trying to do because the Microsoft teaming protocol could not talk the the Cisco ones and viseversa. We were told that the best option was to get Cisco network Interface Cards that could talk to the switches. They were terribly expensive so we ended up axing the teaming idea.

This depends on the type of switches you have and how much you are willing to spend for it. This was about 5 years ago, so then technology has probably changed since then. My recommendation is to talk to your switch and server supplier together to come up with a common solution.

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