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nice cutaway of a lock

By Neon Samurai ·
I was watching for a reference to the image rather than the unspoken "this is a lock, secure boot is a lock, both can be picked" sentiment I interpreted. I guess a closed padlock would have been blatant. (that one may go in my library though encase the little ones take interst in Locksport)

In terms of fragmentation, I'd say it's a justified complaint about Android. Microsoft had the hardware veriety but the OS was always Microsoft Windows with or without addtional crapware and a customized background. It was never molested to the point that Android is prior to shipping on hardware and updates from Microsoft where always available (even if users didn't patch). I'll grant that this is a bit of a nit-pick though.

Overall, I think your bang on with this one though. Secure Boot seems to offer a lot of benefits for microsoft while providing security-theater for the end user. What is so magical about ARM versus x86 that the former needs to be protected from the device owner? It's the latest attempt to impose Trusted Computing under a new branding. Just like legislature, if a bill fails, wait six months and resubmit it under a updated hip new name. Trusted Computing and this latest strategy to impose it is Microsoft's own private SOPA; some presented end user benefits that don't really hold up under scrutiny and some very real business benefits for the entity putting the bill forward.

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