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NICs That Capture Errored Frames

By toad812 ·
Are there any 10/100 PCMCIA type 3 NICs that will capture errored frames CRCs, Misaligns, ect.?

I am looking for a card that will be benefical to use with a protocol analyzer.

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the nature of the beast!

by djent In reply to NICs That Capture Errored ...

Network protocols are designed to reject and resend errored frames, what you need is a sniffer.

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Errored Frames

by LordInfidel In reply to NICs That Capture Errored ...

When you use a anylyzer, regradless of what Nic you use, you will see any dropped packets.

There are several different anylzers out there. My favorite (1-it's free and 2-it's easy to use) is Analyzer from a couple of guy's in italy.

You will also need WinPcap installed if this is a windows machine.

3coms and Intels I feel are better then the no name brands and lower end cards like linksys.

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by MadMark In reply to NICs That Capture Errored ...

What you are asking is CAN a PCMCIA nic be put into promiscuous mode. YES. Your protocol analyzer software probably came with a network driver. This driver should be loaded and will force the NIC to enter P-Mode. It will now capture every packeton the LAN that it can see and has buffer for.

Stick with the known brands, like 3COM and XIRCOM. They are reliable, supportable and sturdy.

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More Info on issue

by toad812 In reply to NICs That Capture Errored ...

Thanks for all of the Replies.

I have tested various Xircom, Intel, Accton, 3com cards using the same Protocol Analyzer sw. All this testing has been with an Agilent Advisor as the control unit sending out the error frames.

It appears that there is no consistancy between these NIC cards as to what errored frames will be captured.

Depending on what model of Xircom or Intel card I use it will report crcs and misaligns and some of the other cards will not report any of these errors.

(I have learn in my search that there are only a few chipset that will pass up these frames and then the driver also needs to report these errored frames to the Protocol Anayzer SW.)

I realize that a HW Protocol Analyzer is the best approach. When cost is invloved a PC and SW may have to suffice. Does anyone have any recommendations on a PCMCIA or PCI NIC that seems to capture more errors than another?

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