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    NICs won’t work in Win98 SE but worked i


    by chrisfraser ·

    I’m trying to upgrade some PCs from Win 95 to Win 98 SE. The network cards work fine under Windows 95, however after the upgrade, Windows will not see any other computers on the network (peer to peer, no NT). In control panel, everything looks fine. There are no error messages. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers. Still no luck. If I undo the Win 98 upgrade back to Win 95, the PC sees the network just fine. I’ve tried D-link, 3Com, and Intel NICs and still had the same problem. Any similar experiences?

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      NICs won’t work in Win98 SE but worked i

      by gbullers ·

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      I assume that the cards & drivers are set up correctly, when the machine boots do you get a client for microsoft networks logon or just windows logon screen? my guess is just windows. make sure your primary logon is set to client for microsoft networks. do this by right clicking network neighborhood, click on properties and look below the list of installed devices & protocals, if it is not in the list you must install it by adding a client.if this doesn’t work email me, and I will try to help.

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