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Nintendo Revolution controller certainly is different

By RexWorld ·
So Nintendo has officially unveiled the controller for their new Revolution. Our friends at Gamespot have posted some large photos of it:

and a hands-on report featuring some of the demos:

I have to admit I'm intrigued by the very direct interface. Unlike a mouse or a joystick, there's no indirect spatial relationship. You're not moving a device to control a pointer on the screen, you're pointing directly with the controller at the screen to make stuff move.

I guess the proof of course will be in the games--how will this controller really operate with a Metroid game or something like Mario Tennis? I fear it might be tiring, because with a traditional controller you just need your thumb to move around whereas this controller you move with your whole arm.

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by sMoRTy71 In reply to Nintendo Revolution contr ...

While I have always given Nintendo credit for the great games that they've introduced and the fact that they seem to really value fun gameplay, this controller looks like a real stinker.

As Rex points out, it does look like it will take a little more effort to hold and use the two separate pieces as opposed to just holding a single controller.

And when the two pieces aren't tethered, do you just play with that little remote control-type piece? I don't think I'm ready for point-and-click gaming.

On the plus side, I guess it does put most of the functions (except for those "a" and "b" buttons) within thumbs reach where some controllers, like the original XBOX one, have been criticized for being too large and that some buttons were too far from the thumbsticks.

I guess I'll have to hear about how it plays from some of the Nintendo faithful.

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by debuggist Staff In reply to Nintendo Revolution contr ...

It seems strange, but I bet it will catch on. Of the three current gaming consoles, I always liked GC's sticks the best. Sony's is too small, and the button layout is not intuitive. I liked the thickness of the Xbox's, but I always wanted and expected more feedback from the buttons. It is definitely better than Sony's though. Sony's looks like something from the '80s.

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Looks good for some games; bad for others

by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to Nintendo Revolution contr ...

I like the idea of a remote-type control for strategy games or simulations. In my experience, the mouse is still the most effective input device for these titles--yes, some RTS masters prefer the keyboard's quickness, but I'll venture that most average gamers use the mouse.

For FPS, driving games, flight sims, or even combat-heavy RPGs, to a two-hand controller design seems most intuitive. Perhaps this is just because gamers are accustomed to this controller design. I'll reserve final judgment until I actually use the new controller.

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