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NIS and HOME Directory

By s_bng ·

We are trying to configure our infrastructure to have an NIS archtecture (NIS Server and NIS Client). We have successfully created a NIS Server and defined our clients. Our client may logon in the network using the NIS. However upon logging on linux nis client, it is suggesting that no home directory was defined.

Researching about this; I found out that when I add a user in the NIS Server, the system creates a home directory for that particular user in the NIS Server. In order for a user to login to the nis client, I have to share the home directory in my NIS Server though NFS. However It would be a waste for our resources because our clients computer has 40gb hard disk and we want them to save on their local hard drives.

How can we implement an NIS archtecture and let the clients have their home directory reside in their local and not on our NIS or NFS server? is this possible?

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

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NIS and HOME Directory

by cpfeiffe In reply to NIS and HOME Directory

I've done this many times with automounter. Instead of sharing from the NIS server to the client you share from the client to the NIS server. This way you don't waste your resources and with automounter the mount point is only active when the useris logged in. In your auto_home or auto.home (usually in /etc) depending on OS file you would have an entry that looks like 'client_workstation:/home/jdoe /home/jdoe nfs 0 0'. Make sure the auto_master or auto.master file points to the auto_home map with a line that is similiar to '/home /etc/auto_home'. Then use your NIS commands to add auto_home or auto.home, whichever the case may be to your NIS map.

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