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*nix based (likely) email server ideas?

By SamLowrey ·
Greetings all. I would appreciate some of your worthy input.

I work at an admissions office in a university. I was just given the heads up that they are looking in to getting an email system solely for the use of applicants (we have Exchange on an AD Domain for internal use, but we want to keep that separate).

The idea is that the applicants are assigned an email account they can check for status of their application etc....

I was excited that they even suggested an Open Source solution, which sounds ideal, but at the same time I don't know all that much about it.

There are plenty of people around besides myself and we will have fun making it work, but I was just wondering what some of you more experienced people think - just so I could get a few leads.

From another thread here, I already saw so I will check into that.

This is fairly open right now - we don't have a server or are set on an OS, but I imagine it will be Red Hat (because of it's more mainstream appeal) or some variety of Unix (because there are a lot of Unix servers and support that we may be able to call upon in a pinch, but we would rather not).

I think their main concern was the licensing issue and that is why they are looking into non-Microsoft solutions for now.

Any ideas - I know this is fairly open ended. But I'm sure some of you would like to espouse your views on the matter, and I would appreciate the input.

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OpenBSD is secure and stable

by ferosspublic In reply to *nix based (likely) email ...

OpenBSD is my choice for a secure and stable OS. There is plenty of support for it. I also recommend OBSD or any BSD just because (IMO) if you can administer this *nix you will be able to handle most *nix's out there.

Have fun

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by joe_beasley In reply to *nix based (likely) email ...

squirrelmail is a web based frontend for imap servers running on *nix. You can run it with the UW imap server or the Cyrus imap server.

It allows you to set space quotas, and is free. Check

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