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No access via Internet explorer

By junk ·
I have a win2K laptop connected to Belkin ADSL router modem no probs. I have a new winXP laptop which I can see excellent network but no internet access. Set up ip address manually as per manual. Set up default gateway to and dns servers as and Can not ping but can ping Can get adsl modem connection at 576 but cannot access internet explorer. On ethernet connection to modem router can ping but no IE. Can ping but no IE again. Wasted hours on this. Can anyone help- ps sorry if this is in the wrong place. Don't know enough to be sure.

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by youssifm In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

i'm not sure i got it right, but did you install service pack 2, if so, uncheck ie from the firewall settings, under control panel>admin tools>local security>software restriction

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by ReWrite In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

If you cannot ping your own ip address ( then have you checked to see if it is even being assigned? Go to a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" (no quotes) and see what your ip settings are. Are the addresses connected to your nic, the gateway and the dns servers correct? You say "no IE". What does that mean? Does it open and give you a "Page not found" error? Does it not start at all or what? Also, is the connection through a wireless card or cable card?



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by junk In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

In reply to answer 1, I have checked the software restriction policies and there are none set. This is a work machine usually used on a network at work but often used at home. Is there anywhere else a network restriction of any sort may be in place?

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by junk In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

In response to answer 2, when I checked ipconfig/all with the setting on tcpip properties within general tab of wireless network connection properties the ip address is with subnet mask and no default gateway set. When I say no IE i basically mean that I can open IE but get the cannot see server / The page cannot be displayed page. I an connecting through internal wireless on my laptop. Does this help? By the way thanks for comments so far

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by junk In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

by the way the url in IE changes to
http:///?%20192.168.2.1 when I try to access

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by razz2 In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

Your network is a subnet of 192.168.y.z and the the wireless is a
self-assigned subnet of 169.254.y.z. You may have set the
network card to the 192 subnet but the wireless is set to use
DHCP and can't get an address. Is DHCP setup on the router? Are
there enough address left?

Good Luck,


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by Blackcurrant In reply to No access via Internet ex ...


In order to access the internet you must know the following if you are using static IP addresses (you say you set up IP address manually...)

The internal IP address of the router
The IP address of the DNS server for your network

Go to the WinXP machine and open the TCP/IP properties box for your LAN network connection. Make sure that the first DNS server address is the one assigned to your DNS server for your network. Make sure the second DNS server address is the (internal) address assigned to your router.

If you are still unable to connect after this, open Internet Explorer, click Tools>Internet Options and click the connections tab and setup a new connection connecting to to the internet via your workplace LAN.

My network (single AD domain), only uses 192.168.0.x addresses, all static, no DHCP. I have had a couple of users who have been unable to connect to the internet, but using the above procedure has remedied the problem.

One other cause for not being able to connect is that there may be other software installed that is telling the computer to go to the wrong DNS address. For example, we had been using Wingate before we started using a router and discovered that even if the DNS addresses were specified as above, the Wingate software would still direct the system to the wrong (old) DNS address. Uninstalling the software sorted it out.

Good luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

i am wondering about weird substitution in address bar. you ran adaware and spybot, yes? did you try this: turn on dhcp server in dsl router. set your pc to 'automatically obtain ip address' same for dns.
now from client pc, do ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew from comand prompt. you should not be seeing class c public address. you should be seeing private lan address...

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by ztech123 In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

It sounds like your browser was hijacked. Use hijackThis to verify problems that you might have encountered. It sounds like spyware.

upon completion of analysis, clean up entries that are not suppose to be present. Also, use a good spyware remover, "spybot search and destroy" or your preference.

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by junk In reply to No access via Internet ex ...

I have now successfully got access. Both via the ethernet cable connection and the wireless connection. I manually set the IP addresses. Rebooted the router modem. Switched off the box within Networking which said let windows control the settings and then tried the ethernet cable connection. This time it worked. I think I must have been so close. Everything was correct but not necessarily all at the same time. Don't know what the strange characters added in to IE urls were but seems to have been resolved. Thanks for all the advice guys much appreciated. All I need to do now is work out how to close this question!

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